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Workshop 2: Developing Competencies – Maximising ROTI (Return on Training Investment)

Workshop 2: Developing Competencies – Maximising ROTI (Return on Training Investment)

Ensuring the right people are deployed and supported in the right way, with the right competencies, motivation and attitude is the absolute foundation of any business. In an industry as complex as telecoms, it requires a lot of expertise, strong will and focus in order to optimise deployment and to efficiently develop our people as the needs of the business change and evolve. This workshop deals with just part of the overall equation – competency development – but we explore it in the wider context so that we evaluate as fully as possible the impact any Competency Development interventions have on the wider business, and determine the resulting ROTI.

Competency Development within the Bigger Picture

  • From Business Strategy to People Strategy
  • What Makes an Effective Employee – exploring …
    • Gap Analysis, Role Definition
    • Assessment, Selection, Recruitment
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Competency Development,
    • Deployment, Support, Coaching
    • Motivation, Culture and Attitude
    • Performance, KPIs and Alignment
    • Defining a Competency
    • Core Competencies and Functional Competencies
    • Developing Competencies, Maximising Potential

Effective Competency Development Techniques

  • Work-Based Learning
  • Training vs Learning vs Competency Development
  • Mapping Organisational Objectives to Learning Objectives
  • Learning Styles
  • Assessing the Audience
  • Matching Formats and Methods to the Audience
  • Maximising the Impact of the Competency Development – PACE (Preparation, Application of Learning, Consolidation, Engagement)
  • Acting on Learner Feedback and a Focus on Flexibility

Maximising and Assessing Return on Training Investment (ROTI)

  • Measuring Training / Competency Development Success
  • The Kirkpatrick Model – Measuring Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, Results, Return on Investment
  • The 5 Levels – Measurement Techniques
  • Isolating the Effects of Training
  • Measuring Return on Training Investment in Telecoms – Models
  • Example Calculations
  • Linking to the Work-Place
  • Communicating Success
  • Tools for Securing Future Investment in Training