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Training Academy: Delivering Great Training

Training Academy: Delivering Great Training

Delivering Great Training

Course Summary

This Delivering Great Training programme is designed to rapidly develop your skills and style as a trainer. The comprehensive agenda focuses on all the areas that are critical in the delivery of high quality training – from initial idea and programme specification, through to the delivery of a fully engaging and worthwhile training experience, and finally an effective post-course follow-up. The programme is aimed at those who have demonstrated an aptitude for delivering training or presentations, but have had little formal training, or for those training professionals that are relatively new to the discipline.

The hands-on practical nature of the programme has been developed to allow participants to practice, assess and analyse their own ideas and understanding as the agenda moves through the different competency areas. Together, we ensure each participant has the required knowledge, skills and confidence in each critical area – allowing them to immediately apply their new competencies to live training requirements in the work-place.

Each participant is fully assessed on the final afternoon to ensure the required standard is met.

Each day offers focused training:

  1. Understanding a basic Training Programme
  2. Learning Objectives to Creative Training Plan
  3. Delivering Engaging Presentations
  4. Developing Outstanding Courseware
  5. Overall Training Experience – Ensuring an Engaging, High Quality Learning Experience

Detailed Course Description

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Effectively plan a training intervention – from initial requirements through to fully engaging¬† delivery flow, and postcourse follow-up.
  • Deliver highly rewarding training programmes that keeps the participants fully engaged and progressing
  • Contribute more effectively to identifying training needs and requirements
  • Translate training needs into learning objectives and effectively test that objectives have been met
  • Evaluate training delivery options, taking full account of audience, learning objectives, available time, and logistics
  • Develop courseware that supports the training positively – is appropriate to the audience, and adds value
  • Use highly effective visuals that illustrate key learning points, drawing the participants attention to the right focus areas, minimising distractions, and with a consistent look and feel – whether PowerPoint, Flip Charts, Demonstrations, Models, or software presentation tools
  • Implement training methods that are designed to encourage / ensure participants effectively APPLY their learning, both during the programme, and back in the workplace
  • Identify requirements for testing / certification, implement an effective scheme and provide useful feedback