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Commercial Aspects of Telecoms


Strategic Account Planning Programme

Module One

  • Business drivers: Understanding the business drivers that should drive account strategy
  • Modern day buying: How buying has changed and adapting the sales process accordingly
  • Roles & responsibilities: Defining the key parts of your role
  • What drives success: Understanding what makes a top account manager successful
  • Goal setting: Guidance on how to set clear goals to drive your performance
  • Benchmarking performance: Tools to gauge and compare performance levels
  • Analysing and Prioritising each Account

Module Two

  • Developing major clients: A framework to follow to build large and successful client relationships
  • Strategic planning: Building tried-and-tested techniques into your ongoing account management
  • Account development strategy: How to design and maintain a working strategy
  • Best practice: Full guide to the current best practice advanced account management

Module Three

  • Systematic relationship management: Establishing processes for maintaining contact
  • Planned & purposeful communication: How to get the most out of your communications

Module Four

  • Complex accounts: How to sell into complex accounts with multiple decision makers
  • Longer sales cycles: How to maintain motivation, confidence and self-discipline

Module Five

  • Understanding your Client’s Objectives & Needs
  • Needs identification: Tried-and-tested methods to professionally uncover customer needs
  • Meaningful questioning: Getting to a client’s true motivations, exploring opportunities and highlighting payoffs
  • Motivational theory: Understanding its relevance to maintaining good client relationships
  • Buying needs matrix: Best practice set-up
  • Client’s point of view: How to engage with the client’s point of view to realise their needs

Module Six

  • Financial performance: How to research and determine likely future business objectives
  • Environmental analysis: How to evaluate a client’s business environment
  • Competitor matrix: Developing a competitor matrix to understand your client’s objectives
  • Matching solutions: How to match your client’s needs and objectives to your sale
  • Negotiating mutual goals: How to compile your findings to develop mutual gain Managing the Transition from Supplier to Partner Status

Module Seven

  • Relationship levels: Migrating from a tactical to a strategic relationship
  • Step plan: Step-by-step guide to establishing partner and trusted advisor status
  • Change management: Working with your client to manage change
  • Profit improvement: How to support in reducing customer costs or improving revenue