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LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core and VoLTE Programme

LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core and VoLTE Programme

Evolution of LTE

  • Evolution of Mobile Broadband
  • LTE Capabilities and Services
  • Comparison of Mobile Broadband
  • LTE Market Analysis
  • Review of LTE market players and activities

EPC Architecture

  • Introduction to the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • MME Functions
  • Gateway Functions in the EPC
  • SGW Functions
  • PGW Functions
  • IP Address Allocation
  • Policy Control Functions
  • Charging Requirements and Functionality
  • SGW – PGW Options
  • S1-Flex
  • Pooling
  • Roaming in LTE
  • Trusted and Non-Trusted Architectures

S1 Interface

  • S1 Control Plane (S1AP)
  • S1 Context Management/Setup/Modification
  • S1 Paging and Mobility Functions
  • S1 Signalling Procedures

X2 Interface

  • Interference Coordination Concepts
  • X2 Control Plane (X2AP)
  • X2 Control Plane Procedures

VoLTE Charging and Billing

  • Review of the high-level billing architecture
  • Charging models and requirements
  • 3GPP specifications relating to charging
  • Online and offline charging functions
  • Credit management triggers
  • Termination actions
  • Flow-based charging concept and SDF charging examples
  • Charging rules
  • Gating and QoS control
  • SDF detection
  • Bearer service establishment, modification and termination procedures (online and offline)
  • The IMS and charging

VoLTE Signalling

  • Device configuration and Subscription
  • EPS Attach and Default Bearer Activation
  • IMS Registration/De-Registration
  • IMS VoIP Session
  • SIP Invite and SDP
  • Media Negotiation
  • Media Resource Reservation and Policy Control
  • Session Release
  • Voice Continuity
  • PS-PS Inter-System Handover
  • SR-VCC

VoLTE Services

  • MMTEL Service Definition
  • MMTEL Architecture
  • Supplementary Services
  • Messaging
  • Session Based Messaging
  • Interworking with SMS
  • SMS over IP

VoLTE Mobility

  • Mobility Options
  • SRVCC Architecture
  • SRVCC Operation and Signalling
  • CSFB Architecture
  • CS Operation and Signalling

Voice Call Continuity

  • SR-VCC Concepts
  • SR-VCC Architecture
  • SR_VCC Signalling

VoLTE Roaming

  • Typical Interconnect Model
  • UE – IMS connectivity Options
  • VoLTE Interconnection Options
  • IMS Interworking
  • IPX Services and Interfaces
  • Signalling for VoLTE Roaming

Global Procedures for LTE

  • Mobility Management
  • LTE UE State management
  • Registration Procedures
  • UE Network Discovery
  • System Information
  • Access and Registration
  • Cell Selection and Reselection
  • Session Establishment and Control
  • Session Management Protocol
  • Bearer Establishment and Control
  • Interworking with 3GPP Networks
  • LTE – UMTS Handovers
  • Bearer Switch during handover
  • Interworking with External Networks
  • Negotiating and Controlling QoS
  • Support of non-3GPP Access