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Leadership for Telecoms Innovation Programme

Leadership for Telecoms Innovation Programme

Day 1

Our Business and my Place in it!

  • Introduction – Leadership & Management & why it Matters
  • Understanding Your Business Environment
    • What is Your Business?
    • Your Competitive Environment and Competitive Advantage
  • Aligning with Business Strategy and Setting Objectives
  • What is my Place in the Business

My Team and I

  • Emotion and Logic – Understanding their impact on Leadership
  • Understanding     Yourself as a Leader and Manager
  • Priorities, Goals & Objectives
  • You and Your Team
  • Your Team From the Inside – Individual Preferences, Thinking and Learning Styles
  • Your Team from the Outside – Competition, Cooperation or Collaboration
  • Leading the Team – Options and Your Own Best Practice
  • Managing Change
  • Getting the Most from your Teams – Practical Tools
  • Your Legacy

Day 2

Maximising My Contribution – Communication & Influencing

  • Influencing Others and Effective Communication
  • Relationships
  • Communication Styles
  • Presenting for Maximum Impact

Maximising My Contribution – Thinking, Innovation & Strategy

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy Development Tools
  • The Role of Innovation
  • Focus and Priorities
  • You as a Manager – Getting Things Done

Day 3

Maximising My Team’s Contribution

  • Establishing the Right Working Environment
    • Ethos and Working Practices
    • Maximising Innovation
    • Support Structures
  • Improving Performance
  • Establishing Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability
    • KPIs
    • Processes

Continuous Improvement as a Leader

  • Understanding Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Preferences
  • Mapping out Your Career
  • Self-Review and Your Own Competency Development Plan