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Developing the Digital Services Opportunity Programme

Developing the Digital Services Opportunity Programme

Defining Digital Services

  • What are Digital Services?
  • Digital Services in the Wider Context
  • Enabling Digital Services
    • Access Technologies
    • Network Technologies
    • Billing Systems
    • Policy Control & Charging
    • Security
    • Partnerships and the role of the operator

Dealing with OTT

  • Defining OTT
  • Example OTT Services
  • Understanding OTT Business Models
  • The Operator and OTT
    • Partnerships
    • Emulation
    • Resistance / Blocking
    • Bundling and Positioning
  • Technology and OTT
  • Monetising OTT services

Machine to Machine and Industry Verticals

  • Identifying the Industry Verticals
  • Machine to Machine Explained
  • Examples
    • Health, Utilities and Transportation
    • Machine to Machine (M2M) initiatives
  • The Operator’s Role
  • Technology Supporting M2M and Industry Verticals
  • Monetising M2M

The Cloud for Operators

  • The Cloud Defined
  • Cloud Services
    • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Cloud Examples
  • Operator – Key Advantages
  • Operator – Supporting the Cloud
  • Partnering for Cloud Services
  • Technology
    • Access
    • Cloud Technology
    • Security
  • Monetising Cloud Services

Content and Entertainment

  • Understanding the Content & Entertainment Landscape
  • Content and Entertainment as a Business
  • Connected TV
  • Video and Premium Video
  • OTT Companies and Content
  • The Role of the Operator
  • Partnering
  • Technologies for Content Delivery
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Offloading
  • Monetising Content Delivery

Payments, e-Money, Financial Services and Advertising

  • Defining Payments, e-Money and Financial Services
  • The Role of the Operator
  • Partnering for Services
  • Industry Examples
  • Payment Technologies
  • The Role of Advertising for the Telco
  • Advertising – Types
  • Targeting of Advertising
  • Using the Customer Data
  • Technologies that Enable Advertising
  • Monetisation of e-Money and Advertising

Business Support Systems for Digital Services

  • Defining Next Generation Business Support Systems
  • Billing Evolution
  • Policy Control and Charging (PCC)
  • User Data
  • Security

Developing Digital Services Business Models

  • Forecasts and Predictions
  • Realigning the Organisation
  • Monetising Digital Services
  • Digital Services and Loyalty / Churn
  • Pricing
  • The Importance of Partnering
  • The Need for a Mind-Set Shift

Operator Case Studies

  • Orange
    Deutsche Telekom