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Customer Value Management in Telecoms Programme

Customer Value Management in Telecoms Programme

Defining Customer Value Management

  • Defining ‘customers’ and ‘markets’ in new ways
    Definition and role of CVM
    The components of CVM
    CVM – art or science?
    Customer investment and ROI

Calculating Customer Value

  • The CVM toolbox
  • Direct and indirect value
  • Income vs. costs to serve
  • Customer lifetime value and churn risk analysis
  • Short-term vs. long-term value
  • Current vs. predictive value

Improving the Quality of the Customer Base

  • Identifying angels and demons
  • Retiring non-profitable customers

Using Customer Big Data to Generate Value

  • Customer analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Third party big data applications

Influencing Customer Value

  • Retention – profitable churn prediction and management, profitable lifecycle management
  • Improving revenue – inbound and outbound revenue optimisation, purchase frequency,
    up– and cross-sell of telecoms services, addressing customer satisfaction drivers, micro-
    segmentation, real-time campaigns, customer engagement
  • Rewards – role of loyalty programmes, segmented
    loyalty benefits, ROI on rewards programmes

Managing Customer Costs

  • Reducing costs to serve
  • Improving ROI on customer-facing costs

The Role of Third Parties

  • The value shift: from the network to the services
  • Telecoms vs. third party brand value to customers
  • Device and applications value to telecoms customers
  • Generating value from digital services