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Vendor Mini MBA in Telecoms

6 Full Days

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Course Overview

As telecoms operators continue to evolve, they are continuously seeking to deploy new capabilities from software to the cloud to transform their businesses. It is more important now than ever before for vendors to get under the skin of telco operators to remain competitive, create lasting relationships and build better products.

The programme has been designed for vendors and technology companies to deep dive into the services that telecoms operators are developing and the transformation of telecoms operator networks and IT.

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  • The programme is delivered live online under the guidance of the Telecoms and Tech Academy subject matter expert trainer.
  • The course is split across 6 separate sections, with a duration of half a day for each one.
  • This flexible format fits around your team's schedule and allows room for reflection between sessions.
  • Feel free to discuss with us your requirements around the desired content as well as the delivery timings and format.


  • Sales teams
  • Teams that deal directly with customers from the telco industry 
  • Business analysts
  • Consultants
  • Transformation leaders


  • Better understand how telecoms operators are seeking to transform their businesses
  • Gain a holistic view of the telecoms market 
  • Build stronger partner relationships 
  • Utilise the knowledge acquired to better understand what products, solutions and capabilities for telecoms operators would be most  valuable to their business

Programme Details

Module 1

The state of telecoms industry

  • Financial and Operational KPIs:
    • Revenue trends
    • EBITDA and net profits
  • How are telecoms doing, really?
    • Transform or die?
  • Why is growth so elusive?
    • An assessment of CSPs’ growth strategies
  • What’s happening to capex and opex?
    • Are telcos ready for capex>opex
  • Partnerships and hyperscalers

Module 2

Inside the telecoms operator: The transformation imperative

  • Drivers for transformation
  • Assessing the various transformation programs and initiatives:
    • IT transformation
    • Network transformation
    • Cultural transformation
    • Business (model) transformation
  • Where are operators today with their transformation programs?
  • From telco to tech-co
  • People transformation (top-down and bottom-up)
  • Customer experience transformation
  • Automation (e.g. network management, CX functions)

Module 3

Telecoms Technology, Networks, IT and digitization

  • The evolutions of telecoms networks and technologies:
    • The basics
    • Fixed network evolution
    • Mobile network evolution
  • Network technology in the 5G era
    • 5G NSA>5GSA
    • Cloud networks: what, why, when and how?
    • Network edge strategies
    • Convergence (in transport)
  • Telecoms IT (BSS/OSS)
    • IT spaghetti
    • The status of BSS/OSS transformation
    • The journey to cloud-native IT
    • Analytics, AI and automation
    • The (digital) customer experience

Module 4

Future telecoms services: Is growth achievable? (consumer)

  • Mapping out the telecoms “new services” landscape:
    • B2C services
    • B2B services
  • Assessing the success of diversification initiatives
  • Consumer market evolution: TV, multi-play and bundling.
    • Pricing strategies
    • Customer experience
    • 5G: mobile broadband and FWA
  • 5G devices

Module 5

Future telecoms services: Is growth achievable? (enterprise)

  • The status of today’s B2B telecoms market
  • Telecoms B2B cloud strategies (hyper scale relationships for enterprise services)
  • Edge computing
  • The IoT
  • Security
  • Exploring vertical markets
  • Private mobile networks
  • Reimagining connectivity: NaaS and CaaS (‘connectivity plus’)
  • Integrational and professional services
  • SoHo/SME opportunities

Module 6

Business models and value chains

  • How is the telecoms business model evolving?
    • What are the future potential business models?
    • Wholesale, enablement and platform business models
    • Ecosystems and value chains in 5G
    • Partnering strategies
  • Assessing the competitive landscale
  • Mobile-centric operators
  • Telecoms groups
  • Market challengers and disruption
  • 5G changing the competitive landscape
    • Wholesale operators
    • Enterprise service providers
    • Enterprises
    • Hyperscalers
    • Industry ecosystems
    • MVNOs
  • Vendors and the supply chain
  • New tech: software and cloud

Delivery format

All our courses can be delivered in the following methods based on your business requirements


We’ll hand pick a leading practitioner to create and deliver a programme at your location.


We develop specialised online learning programmes using our virtual learning platform delivered as a live online classroom or self paced on-demand.


A mix of online and face-to-face training customised to your requirements.

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