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NFV & SDN for Telecoms


Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are currently being forced through a period of business and network transformation, in order to realise greater efficiencies and build a next-generation framework on which new opportunities and revenues can be maximised. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) are key technologies in realising this process.

The two areas of transformation are linked at both technical and conceptual levels. The combination of SDN and NFV is enabling a revolutionary change in telecommunications architecture.

This programme focuses squarely on the technical aspects of this network transformation and how it can support wider transformation within the business. Specifically, we look at the underlying concepts facilitated though the use of SDNs, NFV, and Cloud techniques. Conceptual models, architectures, best practice, operation, and deployment issues are explored in detail.

Case studies show how companies around the world are already utilising virtualisation, and the evolving industry standards are used to demonstrate how interoperability will be maintained.

Outcomes and Competency Development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Explain how software defined networking and network function virtualisation are transforming the telecommunications industry
  • Recommend areas which could gain from the application of SDN and NFV techniques
  • Make well-grounded and realistic judgements on the limitations of virtualisation
  • Explain how the judicious use of virtualisation can enable new business models and create new opportunities
  • Apply effective techniques to evaluate the performance of transformational projects
  • See where companies fit in the SDN and NFV supply chains
  • Make well-judged decisions on the security implications of virtualisation

Course Contents:

  • SDN & NFV Concepts
  • SDN Architecture & Applications
  • NFV Architecture & Applications
  • Industry Activity
  • Industry Trends & Analyst Predictions
  • Costs & Benefits of SDN/NFV

Trainer: Murray Cooke

Murray-Cooke-2Murray is the former Business Services Architect in the BT Group CTO’s Office where he pioneered the use of software based network appliances in Carrier Networks, and subsequently progressed the adoption of that technology at Intel to establish what we now know as Network Function Virtualisation (NFV).

He has worked with leading Service Providers globally to develop their NFV strategies “From the Silicon to the OSS”; including significant contributions into NFV Orchestration standardisation.