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The Business Case for 5G: Maximising ROI

A 2-Day Business Masterclass Investigating 5G

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Course Overview

5G is envisioned to be a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything around us. The No.1 problem that businesses face is how to create viable venue streams through this new network.

During this 2-Day online Masterclass, you will explore the realities behind 5G true capabilities and possible business models. You will dive into the blue ocean opportunities underpinning 5G business, as well as the specific revenue options available. You will learn how 5G will support the strategic shift of telecom operators from being predominantly connectivity providers to becoming true enablers of next generation digital experiences.

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Why choose this course?

Course Benefits

  • ACQUIRE a clearer picture of the emerging telecommunications technologies such as AI/ML / IoT  and their likely effect on the growth of the 5G market – with forecasts, timelines and regional analysis from the experts
  • BECOME fully versed in fixed network technology and applications, including the reasons behind its adoption in 5G
  • ASSIMILATE best practice and understand how latest management techniques can be used within the telecoms industry of the next decade
  • ACHIEVE a better understanding of your future  HR requirements, your products, and future growth opportunities using a capability/asset matrix
  • BUILD a solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions that are reliable well-grounded and commercially viable to monetise 5G

Who is it for?

This is a masterclass is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the business capabilities of 5G. Therefore, functions including:

  • CxO Teams
  • Senior & Middle Managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Technical Teams
  • Business Development
  • Engineers

Programme Modules

  1. 5G: Brilliant Technology or Social & Business Paradigm
  2. 5G Technology Building Blocks
  3. 5G Generic Use Cases
  4. 5G Analyzing the CAPE & OPEX
  5. Business Case Dilemma
  6. Creating the 5G Capabilities Matrix
  7. 5G Consumer/Enterprise Monetisation Levers
  8. 5G Kick Start the Journey
  9. 5G Business Model Options
  10. 5G Devising Performance KPI's
  11. 5G Blue Ocean Business Opportunities
  12. 5G Industry Forecasts & Trends
  13. 5G Global Operators Case Studies
  14. 5G Sharing Insights on Monetisation & Strategy
  15. Business Simulation Build Up and Presentations 

Programme Details

Module 1

5G; Brilliant Technology or Social & Business Paradigm

Module 2

5G Technology Building Blocks

Module 3

5G Generic Use Cases

Module 4

5G Analyzing the CAPEX & OPEX

Module 5

Business Case Dilemma

Module 6

Creating the 5G Capabilities Matrix

Module 7

5G Consumer/Enterprise Monetisation Levers

Module 8

5G Kick Start the Journey

Module 9

5G Business Model Options

Module 10

5G Devising Performance KPI's

Module 11

5G Blue Ocean Business Opportunities

Module 12

5G Industry Forecasts & Trends

Module 13

5G Global Operators Case Studies

Module 14

5G Sharing Insights on Monetisation & Strategy

Module 15

Business Simulation Build Up & Presentations

Learning Outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Become familiar with key telco business models and pricing strategies underpinning a profitable 5G network
  • Recognise how 5G will differentiate from 4G and why telcos are investing in 5G now
  • Understand the changes 5G will create within an organisation in terms of skills development and culture
  • Analyse and discover the security offered by 5G and its ramifications
  • Understand the importance of 5G spectrum and what it means for network rollout, use case scenario and roaming

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Identifying what services and profit pools will be enabled by 5G according to its performance
  • Understand the bigger 5G picture and identify standards that need to be set
  • Define product offerings and specific roled in the market
  • Create new revenue streams and save money by identifying best practices for roll-out 

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