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Marketing Strategies in Telecoms

This practical and hands-on course offers insights, strategies and techniques to enable telecoms executives to develop a holistic marketing strategy

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Course Overview

Developing a marketing strategy that builds a long-term relationship with customers is essential as the telecoms industry expands into new sectors. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and service providers must adopt new marketing strategies that deliver on customers’ expectations.

This two-day course will help your business find the balance in short-term marketing activities and implementing a long-term approach. It will explain how to put customers at the heart of your organisation, while building a sustainable competitive advantage that achieves goals and objectives.

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Duration: 2 Days

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Why Choose This Course?

Why choose the programme

  • Insights and a case study exploring marketing strategies and techniques
  • Align your marketing and corporate strategies
  • In-depth look at customer expectations and loyalty drivers 
  • Identify strategic risks

Who is it for?

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Campaign Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Commercial managers

Programme Modules

  • Strategy Development Process
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Customer Strategy
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Future Proofing
  • Case Study & Group Presentation

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Professional

  • Understand the content of a corporate marketing strategy  
  • Analyse weaknesses of current telecoms marketing strategies
  • Define strategic ‘markets’ and ‘customers’ in new ways

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Implement a market-oriented positioning strategy
  • Establish quantitative and qualitative strategic marketing objectives
  • Learn tools to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle 
  • Assess strategic assets, resources, and competencies
  • Use scenario planning to manage internal risks

What Are People Saying?

Programme Details

Real-life examples and a case study analysis are used throughout the course.

Module 1

The Strategy Development Process

  • Telecoms corporate strategy development
  • Strategic challenges for telecoms organisations
  • Overview of marketing strategy components
  • Linking marketing strategy to corporate strategy

Module 2

Developing Strategic Marketing Objectives

  • Marketing positioning options and statement
  • Competitive positioning options
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurement
  • Critical assessment of telecoms marketing positioning

Module 3

Developing A Sustainable Customer Strategy

  • Definition of strategic ‘customers’ and ‘markets’
  • Maximising the life-time value
  • Customer lifecycles and churn
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty drivers
  • The strategic marketing mix: from 4Ps to 4Es
  • Organisational implications of a customer-centric marketing strategy

Module 4

Selecting & Managing Successful Marketing Strategies

  • The role of upstream and downstream marketing partners
  • Partnerships and the strategic marketing mix
  • Partnership revenue models

Module 5

Future-Proofing the Marketing Strategy

  • Risk management techniques
  • Scenario planning outline and exercise

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