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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Telecoms

How to become a successful digital service provider

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Course Overview

Digital transformation is not optional for today’s telecoms organisations. If telecoms operators do not transform, they will at best see a long, slow stagnation in revenues and profitability. At worst, they will cease to be viable – squeezed on the one hand by rival telecoms operators and on the other by digital service providers. But what exactly is digital transformation? And is it the same for all telecoms operators?

This three-day workshop provides a practical guide and a roadmap for digital transformation. It will help you to find the right balance between technology, strategy, organisation and culture and to commit to a transformation programme that meets your strategic and commercial objectives. The masterclass is based on today’s best practice from communications and digital service providers.

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Duration: 2 Days

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Why Choose This Course?

Course Benefits

  • Comprehensive case studies, business simulations, and discussions that tackle the global digital revolution  
  • Highly focused and in-depth training from the experts
  • Engaging learning environment that explores business models, services, networks, culture and customers
  • Expert programme directors that maximise development and learning
  • 100% Online via our Live Virtual Classroom

Who is it for?

  • CXO roles functions
  • VP roles in Finance, HR, IT, Network and Operations
  • VP roles in the Consumer and Enterprise LOBs.
  • Senior engineers / architects / operations directors / business managers / product managers and product marketers 

Programme Modules

  • De-mystifying Digital Transformation
  • Putting the Customer at the centre of Digital Transformation
  • Enabling technologies for Digital Transformation
  • New Business & New business models 
  • Agile Culture, Organisation, Skills and Leadership

What Are People Saying?

Learning Outcomes

This programme will provide you with a practical framework for navigating digital transformation inside your organisation – regardless of your specific area of expertise. The workshop finds the right blend of the technology and business improvements that are needed to deliver meaningful change. It also focuses on the cultural changes that telecoms need to implement to bring about real change. There is a growing recognition that changing culture within telecoms operators is bigger obstacle to transformation than the adoption of new technologies –although in many cases the two go hand in hand.

  • Explore how your organisation can re-orientate itself around your customers
  • Learn how to create a digital mind set and culture inside your team/organisation
  • Assess how to apply some of the key technologies, working practices and frameworks that underpin successful digital transformation
  • Understand how to review the ‘digital maturity’ of your organisation and the milestones along the journey of development and growth

  • Become familiar with the key emerging technologies and their business applications and implications
  • Learn best practice from digital services providers such as Google and Amazon
  • Understand new business models and emerging ICT value chains that telecoms operators will need to adopt to truly leverage 5G

Programme Details

Module 1

De-mystifying Digital Transformation:

  • What it really is and why we need it
  • Why telecoms operators need DT?
  • Background, contact and definitions

Module 2

Putting the Customer at the centre of DT:

  • How Telcos are viewed by their customers
  • What’s needed to build a digital personalised real-time customer experience
  • Best practices from Telcos around the world

Module 3

Enabling technologies for Digital Transformation

  • Migrating into the cloud
  • AI & Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • 5G, IoT and Edge Computing

Module 4

New Business & New business models

  • Insourcing, open source and new vendor relationships
  • Platforms, IoT & Vertical markets

Module 5

Agile Culture, Organisation, Skills and Leadership

  • Becoming a digital leader
  • Agile methodology
  • Breaking Silos
  • Plugging the skills gap

Delivery format

All our courses can be delivered in the following methods based on your business requirements


We’ll hand pick a leading practitioner to create and deliver a programme at your location.


We develop specialised online learning programmes using our virtual learning platform delivered as a live online classroom or self paced on-demand.


A mix of online and face-to-face training customised to your requirements.

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