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CCP – Programme

Session 1 – Market Trends and their Implications for Pricing

This session examines the key technology and market trends and the effect that they will have on value propositions and where telcos earns their profits

  • Transition from voice to data
  • OTT – threat or opportunity?
  • The importance of customer focus

Session 2 – The Pricing Manager’s Toolbox

This session examines the key tools a pricing manager needs to develop pricing strategies and tactics

  • Knowing your customer – use of internal and external data
  • Price Elasticity of Demand
  • The Price-Value Map
  • Costs and Incremental Costs
  • Case Studies

Session 3 – Competitive Analysis

No company prices in a vacuum and must take account of all types of competition, direct and indirect, and how to use price to position themselves in the market.

  • The changing nature of competition
  • Information gathering: primary and secondary research
  • The Price-Value Map: Analysing own and competitive products
  • Strategic Thinking

Session 4 – Pricing and Product Positioning

The choice of pricing strategy depends on where the company and its products are position in the market. This session examines core pricing strategies and relates them to product positioning

  • Skim Pricing: more than most people are prepared to pay
  • Neutral: When other features are more important
  • Penetration: less than most people are prepared to pay

Session 5 – Pricing Tactics

This session explores some of the key pricing tactics a pricing manager can use to implement their chosen strategy. Amongst the tactics explored are:

  • Self-select packages
  • Initial discounts
  • Bundling
  • Loyalty/Retention schemes

Session 6 – Pricing “Touch points”

Pricing is a key customer touch point, especially in a long-term relationship with the customer. How the customer perceives the telco is very strongly affected by price. This session explore effective use of pricing and billing through the customer life cycle.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Before purchase
  • The initial purchase
  • Usage – “My Operator”
  • Billing

Session 7 – The Product Life Cycle

Different pricing strategies and tactics may be adopted at different stages of the product lifecycle and it is important that managers consider how to adapt as their product moves through the cycle

  • Introduction
  • Early Adopters
  • Maturity
  • Decline

Session 8 – Bringing it Together

This session is a competitive team exercise in which delegates are asked to uses the skills and thinking they have learnt on the course to develop a pricing strategy.