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Business Analytics and Insights Programme

Business Analytics and Insights Programme

Part 1: The strategic Big Data trend

  • Why Big Data is so important for today’s businesses?
  • How to develop a competitive market advantage using Big Data?
  • What kind of database strategies is possible to implement in Big Data?
  • Skills needed to perform an effective business analytics model

Part 2: Basic business analytics concepts

  • Defining Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics Strategies, project and methodologies
  • Overview of Business Analytics tools
  • Inferential statistics and other statistical basic concepts

Part 3: Business analytics software and method

  • Overview of Business Analytics software and methodology
  • Reading data files, data understanding with missing data, outliers and anomalous data
  • Introduction to data manipulations with relationship in data, combining data files and aggregating data
  • Selecting, sampling and partitioning

Part 4: Segmentation and rules induction modeling

  • Segmentation modeling to better understand market structure
  • Association rules for an effective cross selling campaign

Part 5: Predictive modeling

  • Decision trees
  • Neural networks
  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Text mining unstructured data modeling

Exercises: Enhance analytical skills

  • Participants will enhance their analytical skills by understanding inferential statistical concepts and modeling technics
    such as:

    • Data manipulation and transformation;
    • Segmentation, rule induction, predictive modeling and text mining technics
    • Customer’s scoring and profiling