Big Data Insight Webinar

Big Data Insight Webinar


We invite you to view this exclusive, one-off webinar led by Martin Savard. This 45-minute session is an excellent opportunity to get to grips with Big Data.

This upcoming Webinar will explores how Big Data affects organization competitiveness thru better data usage. Massif data captures with numerous transactional data, social media, text, videos, Web and mobile data has been extensively generated in the last decade. However, managers must understand how Big Data can assure better productivity and be used to provide an effective competitive capability that will be difficult for a competitor to copy. The ability to gain insights into large amount of data creates a distinctive capability that can facilitate highly profitable business strategies.

Watch this in-depth webinar from Telecoms Academy and you will learn its relevance with a:

  • better understanding of this strategic trend
  • big data technologies
  • data productivity with Business analytics
  • team management skills to maximise Big data usage

Recorded Date: 3rd November 2015

Telecoms Marketing - Challenges and Solutions Webinar

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