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Commercial Aspects of Telecoms


Advanced Selling Techniques for Complex Digital and Enterprise Solutions Programme

The Curriculum

To ensure a focused and comprehensive training programme, the topics have been focused into competency areas, with the practical workplace Business Development Assignments and Peer Mentorship running throughout the modules:

Module 1: Understanding the modern customer

A new look at logic, emotion, and decision-making; What turns them on and off?; How people reach buy-in with client specific examples; Why use consultative selling skills.

This module will include:

  • The ability to accurately read and “follow” another person’s point of view
  • The ability to tell the degree to which others are buying or not buying what you are saying at any given moment.
  • Realising that buying is the pursuit of confidence, not just understanding.

Module 2: Advanced communication skills

Credibility skills to gain customer commitment; Cutting-edge communication strategies and techniques; Creating open-mindedness to begin sales calls; Questioning skills to fully understand customer requirements and build a value position

This module will include:

  • The ability to prove respect for anybody’s point of view in a completely convincing manner.
  • The ability to establish common goals in any situation.
  • The ability to dissolve negative views and sales resistance by using leadership skills instead of sales tactics.

Module 3: Diagnosing needs

Qualifying the buying process and the potential for doing business; Reading customers – uncover what customers are really thinking and being able to respond to their hidden messages; Clarifying needs, problems, and opportunities in-depth; Establishing the criteria for a valid solution.

This module will include:

  • Knowing when a sale is “makeable” and what the requirements will be for a technically sound solution.

Module 4: Knowing your product solutions

Develop the beliefs, skills and behaviours that set you apart from the average sales person; Connecting solutions to the customer’s point of view; Presenting on-target solutions

This module will include:

  • How to position solutions to meet customer needs, factually and emotionally well targeted solutions that others will accept.
  • The ability to “customise” on the spot.

Module 5: How to get buy-in, support, and commitment

Making yourself easy to follow when negotiating a change in point of view; Creating a distinct change in how others think and feel toward buying; Invitational leadership: the ability to inspire confidence; How to customise the explanation of benefits

This module will include:

  • The ability to get buy-in even in the face of initial resistance.
  • The ability to lead a conversation to new of different points of view.
  • The genuine ability to influence others

Module 6: The sales process

The selling model – how to manage your deals effectively; Setting goals and objectives in your sales process; What FAB’s, USP’s and UPB’s are and how to use them.

This module will include:

  • Understand the importance of setting goals and targets in your sales process
  • The ability to manage your deals from leads to conversion.

Module 7: Answering objections, managing resistance or reluctance

Using leadership skills in high risk, high resistance situations; Overcoming objections using consultative interview techniques; Easing through customer objections to get the sale

This module will include:

  • Increased competence and effectiveness, even in complex, high risk or high resistance situations.

Module 8: Closing: obtaining commitments vs. agreements

The difference between commitment (buy-in) and agreement (intellectual consensus); The top 4 objections and how to combat them with confidence; Overcoming obstacles to closing; Effective language patterns to close; Traditional
closes and how to use them.

This module will include:

  • The ability to close sales and gain committed buy-in.
  • Measurable skills linked to measurable business results.

Module 9: Taking the next leap

Delivering effective feedback to customers; The top 10 rules for success; Devising your strategy.

This module will include:

  • Delegates are pushed at the final stage of this training to develop themselves into the ultimate selling executive. We share tips on sales improvement and how to better tackle sales situations.