Workshop 3: Delivering Successful On-Line / Live-on-Web Training

Workshop 3: Delivering Successful On-Line / Live-on-Web Training

For most companies, on-line / live-on-web training is now an essential tool in delivering cost-effective, large scale learning projects. It is used to support a wide range of training scenarios, including blended learning, remote learning access, large-scale training projects, short modules, and learning libraries. On-line techniques enable speedy delivery, brings flexibility and lowers the cost; but they are also seen as second-best when it comes to fully engaging the learners, maximising competency development, and building a learning community or community of interest (both within the programme and post-programme).

This workshop explores the ways in which on-line and live-on-web training can add value to your organisation, and how you can maximise the impact of training, individual and team engagement, and overall learning. Best practice techniques are evaluated and developed in an open discussion forum – enabling us to share ideas, build expertise and gain confidence.

On-Line as Part of the Training Mix

  • Statistics and Trends
  • On-Line Formats
  • Platforms and Key Features
  • Keeping it Simple
  • Building an On-Line Strategy
  • Push / Pull Content
  • Scheduled Activities
  • Structure, Curriculum and Certification
  • Technology Issues – Access, Formats, Devices, Firewalls
  • Controlling Access Issues

Delivering Engaging Live on Web

  • Delivery Scenarios
    • Remote Learners
    • Grouped Learners
    • Mixed
    • Recorded Delivery
  • The Platform and Key Features
    • Platform Limitations and Setting Expectations
    • Technology Limitations – Considering …
      • Access Speeds,
      • Use of Video,
      • Formats and Devices
    • Testing Access
    • Basic Training Delivery
    • Setting up the Virtual Classroom
    • Two-Way Communications
      • Chat
      • Audio
    • Using Key Advantages of Live on Web
      • Guest Speakers
      • Using Polls
      • Fielding Questions
      • Recording and Editing the Sessions
      • Virtually] Unlimited Break-Outs

Developing Best Practice

  • The Hard Bit – Training to a Computer Screen
    • Techniques and Tools to Facilitate Flawless Delivery
    • Engaging with the Learners
  • An Open Discussion on
    • What works
    • The View of the Learner
    • The View of the Trainer
    • On-Line and Live-on-Web vs Face-to-Face
    • Maximising Success