The Telecoms Operator in 2017 – Focus & Opportunities – Programme Details


The Telecoms Operator in 2017 – Focus & Opportunities – Programme Details

This programme provides an excellent update on current trends within the industry and how telcos are repositioning to meet the challenges posed by new competition and technology advances. It looks in detail at how technology and rapidly changing customer expectations and requirements are interlinked within changing business models.

A digital world

  • Some Facts & Statistics
  • The role of the Telco in the Internet Era
  • The evolving digital economy – making sense
  • of new opportunities
  • Mobility – customers and telcos
  • The Telco View
  • The Customer View
  • What will customers pay for?
  • Brands – Internet or Telco?

Connectivity and mobility

  • Current Technologies – capabilities and limitations
  • Fibre, DSL, FTTx and Ethernet
  • A hybrid approach – mixing technologies
  • Current implementation – example by region
  • Femtocells and WiFi
  • Asking customers to pay for infrastructure!
  • Impact on Customer Experience
  • Impact on Operator Costs
  • The impact of LTE
  • Smart pipe and dumb pipes
  • Mobility – different scenarios (Mobile, Nomadic, …)
  • Maintaining “best connected”

Platforms devices and operating systems

  • Handsets, Tablets, Net-Books and Laptops – Where are we going? Capabilities and limitations
  • Operating Systems Compared
  • The impact of the Application Store
  • Usage and choice of platform
  • Trends and forecasts

Applications and Content

  • What Applications are hot
  • What do the trends indicate
  • Applications by geography and culture
  • Applications by segment and demographic
  • What are the motivations behind applications?
  • Focus on the big applications
  • Social Networking and Web 2.0
  • The rise and significance of app stores Optimising and positioning the products
  • Partnering – what does it really mean for the customer
  • How can the operator add value and make money?

Internet and the Cloud

  • Fixed vs Mobile Internet
  • Centralising everything
  • Optimising the customer experience