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Telecoms Mini MBA – Techology Modules

“Very informative and helpful considering I have no telecoms background” SH, Zain

Telecoms Technologies – The Emerging Picture

With telecom technologies changing rapidly, there is a need to thoroughly understand the capabilities, limitations, and implications as each new system is adopted. This module sets out the emerging picture logically – tackling the building blocks first, before looking at the different access and core network systems in more detail.

The picture is built up from the basics to include the way in which the different technologies and elements interact to provide the overall user experience. For the mobile technologies, we concentrate on the 3GPP family, and the evolutionary path through GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G W-CDMA and HSxPA, and onto LTE and also including WiMAX. Interoperability, compatibility, and roaming scenarios are all illustrated.

  • Fixed & Mobile broadband trends
  • Business Models
  • Partnerships
  • Smart Devices
  • M2M and Connected Devices
  • Network and IT Trends
  • Digital Services
  • Spectrum Issues
  • Technology Options
  • Current and Future Implementation
  • Network Building Blocks
  • Network Architectures
    • Connecting it all together
  • Mobile and Mobile Broadband
    • 3GPP (GSM) Family, Alternative Access (incl. Wi-Fi), HSPA & HSPA+ & LTE
  • Fixed
    • Access Schemes, DSL Technologies, Cable & FTTx
  • Convergence
  • Technologies
  • NGN and IMS
  • WiMAX
    • Capabilities, Implementation  & Technology

“Excellent – gave me a formalised technical overview” DT, McKinsey & Co

Service Delivery and Supporting Systems

As the service mix becomes increasingly complex (and IPcentric), effective service delivery and support systems become increasingly important. This module looks at the issues of service implementation, provision, control, and billing. Both the Operational Support System (OSS), and Business Support System (BSS) are examined, including the evolving techniques used in modern Billing systems and CRM platforms. Finally, we focus on simplifying the provision of OSS and BSS systems through initiatives such as NGOSS.

  • The Service Mix
    • Fixed
    • Mobile
    • Convergent
  • Delivering the service
    • IN and CAMEL
    • Service Delivery Platforms
    • IMS for Service Delivery
    • Delivering TV Services
    • Location Based Services
  • Supporting service provision
    • OSS
      • Scope of OSS
      • Operations & Maintenance
    • BSS
      • Scope of BSS
      • Billing
      • CRM
    • NGOSS

“Good technical structure presentation as I’m from a finance background, this was most useful” PR, Vodafone