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Telecoms Mini MBA – Strategy/Business Environment Modules

“This is an excellent comprehensive training course giving a clear idea of the telecoms industry” GS, DU

The Telecoms Business Environment

A comprehensive look at the evolving telecoms business world – from shareholder to customer, and all that lies between. This module sets the scene for the rest of the week, and covers key elements of the business environment in which telecoms companies find themselves. The view of shareholders, telecom operators, vendors, service providers, and very importantly, the customer, are all examined. The changing (and increasingly complex) interrelation – ships between the different players are discussed.

  • Shareholder Requirements
  • Business goals
  • Overall aims of the Telco
  • Spectrum
  • Infrastructure
  • Role of vendors
  • The MVNO Case
  • The Service Proposition
    • Basic services,
    • Advanced services
    • The Internet and third parties
  • What’s involved and how do they do it?
  • Procedures
  • User Experience
  • What does the customer get…?What does the customer want?
  • Segments
  • Meeting the Customer Requirements

Telecoms Industry Outlook

Many challenges and opportunities face the ever-changing telecoms industry over the next few years, and this module provides a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, as well as predicting future trends, growth markets and technologies – and the strategies that are likely to be employed. The aim is to provide a clearer picture of the way ahead – enabling more informed decisions and choices. The information is drawn from Ovum’s vast market intelligence resources.

  • Summary of global key trends
    • Revenues: telecoms, broadband and TV
    • Multi-play, convergence and consolidation
  • Digital Transformation
    • Digital operator, digital service provider?
    • IT transformation
    • Digital technologies: big data, AI, etc.
    • Future telco business models
  • Network revolution – 5G, SDN & NFV
  • Digital services, B2C, B2B and the future telco
  • IoT – evolving from M2M
    • Consumers: connected devices, smart home
    • IoT, verticals and smart cities
  • ICT services
  • A new focus for the telecoms operator
    • Cloud service providers
    • Video, TV and advertising
  • Learning from and partnering with

“Very succinct explanation of industry initiatives” BM, MTN