Management, Innovation & Strategy

Telecoms Mini MBA – Marketing/Customer Focus Modules

21st Century Telecoms Marketing and Competitive Environment

Ensuring the provision of a viable and competitive customer proposition is vital to the success of a telecoms operator, and in turn, the telecoms vendors (handset and network), and service providers. A key element of ensuring that success is communicating the proposition effectively. This module provides useful insights into marketing and positioning strategies employed within the telecommunications industry. We focus on assessing that the right products are developed within different market environments, and that marketing communications are effective, focused and timely. This module also looks at building and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage in a dynamic environment depends on clearly identifying and meeting customers’ strategic requirements profitably. This session briefly looks at how to identify and put in place sources of competitive advantage.

  • Marketing principles
  • Marketing channels
  • Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • MVNOs
  • Sources of competitive advantage
  • Building market based sustainable competitive advantage
  • Measuring strategic effectiveness

The Role of Regulation

We then examine the role of Regulation – firstly the purpose and implications of regulating the competitive environment (and any possible unfair competitive advantage), followed by the wider requirements of providing telecommunication services in developed or developing economies. Finally, we take a more detailed look at the key players, licensing, and the key challenges.

  • The requirement for regulation
  • Benefits & implications of regulation
  • Key players in regulation
  • Licensing
  • Key challenges