Management, Innovation & Strategy

Telecoms Mini MBA – Leadership Modules

Very useful and so much related to my job!” LA, Zain

So, what does it take to be an effective leader in today’s telecommunications environment – a world of continuous change and constant challenges?

This day long module is designed to optimise your effectiveness as a leader. It explores how you can use your management and leadership style as a strategic tool to align your organisation’s culture with its strategic business objectives – whilst building support for your projects.

The programme looks at real world leaders and examines how they achieve the results that they do. It also looks at your existing level of competency in core leadership areas and provides feedback on your leadership style.

We explore leadership in the real world, with a focus on overcoming resistance to change, dealing with politics and the dynamics of power distance.

  • Fundamental concepts about executive leadership
    • Personal development and leadership development in the context of organisational growth, success and decline
    • The relationship between leadership and management?
    • The core competencies of effective executive leadership and how you measure up
    • Your personal executive leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Leading successful change
    • How to anticipate the need for change
    • How to create the conditions for change
    • Why people resist change and the strategies for handling this resistance
    • The main steps for leading successful change efforts
    • Case studies in leading successful organisational transformation and what we can learn
  • The leader’s role in energising and inspiring people
    • Inspiring others and talking the talk
    • Building personal credibility and walking the talk
    • Building and sustaining trust
    • Energising the organisation through real empowerment
  • Leadership styles
    • The performance dimension of leadership
    • The four styles of performance leadership, how and when to use them
    • Your own performance leadership style profile and its implications for the challenges you face
    • Which styles do you need to develop

“This was the best section. I have learnt a lot on how to deal with change, appraisals and task assignment” PK, Celtel

Very useful, anyone can relate to this section” LB, Warid Telecom
Excellent presentations, beautiful delivery” LS, MTN