Management, Innovation & Strategy

Telecoms Mini MBA – Business Simulation

The unique Island Telco Business Simulation runs throughout the week – acting to tie each of the modules into the bigger picture in a practical and interactive way. As we deal with each major aspect of telecoms throughout the week, Island Telco allows you to test your ideas and understanding in a simulated environment, maximising the opportunity for learning, whilst developing a much more complete picture of the telecoms environment.

Working competitively in teams, you are asked to develop a business plan to run a converged telecoms operation on a Caribbean Island – presenting your plans to a license commission on day 5 in order to win the license to operate. All the major aspects of telecoms need to be considered and developed within the simulation, including:

  • Overall strategy
  • Financial aspects
  • Leadership and people management
  • Competitive landscape
  • Customer proposition
  • Marketing and positioning
  • Technology choices
  • Rollout and launch

Whether you work for a telco, vendor or service provider, the Island Telco Business Simulation provides an extremely effective environment in which to build your understanding of your customers, your organisation, your people, and your place in the competitive telecoms landscape. Expert reviews, feedback and discussions ensure maximum learning value is achieved.

“This program was magnificent, the feedback was positively overwhelming!” TA, Mobily