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Disruptive Technologies for Telcos and CSPs

8th-12th June 2020, London Tech Week

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A customisable training week covering key disruptive technologies affecting telcos and CSPs

In-depth training on disruptive technologies suitable for a non-technical audience, featuring detailed implementation use cases, current service/solution landscape evaluations and a thorough understanding of the commercials behind each disruptor.

Capitalising on Internet of Things and Machine to Machine

8th June 2020, London Tech Week

Course Modules:

  • Understanding IoT and M2M concepts, terminology and ecosystems
  • Demonstrating enterprise and consumer applications of IoT and M2M
  • Evaluating the IoT landscape and ecosystem of providers, solutions and operators
  • Commercialising IoT and building business cases for implementing IoT
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Opportunities of 5G and the Future Network

9th June 2020, London Tech Week

Course Modules:

  • Understand 5G as technology, disruptor and a new service opportunity
  • Discover 5G capabilities, product and service offerings for consumer
  • Evaluate the 5G landscape and ecosystem
  • Building business cases for 5G dependent service offerings
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Applied Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth

10th June 2020, London Tech Week

Course Modules:

  • Gain an essential grasp on AI basics and key related terms
  • Demonstrating AI as a business growth driver
  • Evaluating the landscape of AI solutions, options and providers
  • Building the case for implementing AI solutions to deliver new opportunities
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Blockchain Prospects in Telecoms, IoT & Networking

11th June 2020, London Tech Week

Course Modules:

  • Understanding blockchain, the technology and essential terminology
  • Understanding blockchain’s applications, uses, benefits and limitations
  • Evaluating the blockchain landscape and ecosystem
  • Building the business case or proposals for the adoption of blockchain solutions
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Commercialising Cloud, Multi-cloud and Cloud-based Services

12th June 2020, London Tech Week

Course Modules:

  • Understanding cloud, the terminology and the technology
  • Demonstrating where and how cloud-based services are being applied
  • Evaluating the cloud ecosystem of solutions, providers and partners
  • Building business cases and monetising cloud-based services
  • Essential considerations for complex cloud cases, including migrations
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What sets this programme apart?


Dedicated training for non-technical job roles on cloud, IoT, 5G & AI, with more in-depth detail on blockchain


Featuring telecoms specific use cases, worked examples and interactive sessions


Industry relevant, inspirational guest speakers to begin or end the training day: discover insight from leading operators


Pick and choose which training day you attend to suit your interest, role and / or organisational need


Vendor independent information and training, powered by Ovum’s industry leading research


Experienced trainers specifically chosen for their subject matter expertise and telecoms knowledge