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5G and Connected Innovation represents the next big opportunity in connectivity-based services, new infrastructure provides significant revenue opportunities for telcos and the wider tech ecosystem. Our training programmes cover 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and NFV and deliver the knowledge and skills your organisation need to maximise the opportunities.


5G Technology

Explore the concepts of 5G wireless network technology, including features and capability requirements, the technologies that will deliver the core capabilities, and the impact on the customer proposition

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London: 03 - 04 April 2018 | Dubai: 22 - 23 October 2018 

Cloud for Telecoms

Comprehensive overview of cloud services and technology and explains in detail what it means for both the cloud services provider and the customer.

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London: 23 - 24 July 2018 

Internet of Things – Business & Technologies

This Internet of Things (IoT) Training Course examines those predictions, and shows some ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) has already arrived.

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London: 14 - 15 May 2018

NFV & SDN for Telecoms

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are currently being forced through a period of business and network transformation, in order to realise greater efficiencies and build a next-generation framework on which new opportunities and revenues can be maximised. 

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London: 25 - 26 July 2018 

Smart Cities

This workshop looks at the systems, frameworks, control mechanisms, and technologies behind Smart City initiatives, as well as the opportunities, ecosystems, and the global community behind much of the progress

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London: 25 - 26 October 2018 

Introduction to 5G

(Online Academy)

This Introduction to 5G online course will help you to understand and define 5G, identify market drivers as well as cover the main 5G technologies and network concepts.

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Online Academy: Starts 26th July 2018

8 Steps to IoT – Your Roadmap to the Internet of Things (Online Academy)

(Online Academy)

This course is aimed at providing a framework on how to develop a successful IoT roadmap in 8 steps. 

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Online Academy: Starts 30th August 2018 

Blockchain for Managers

(Online Academy)

This workshop takes a high-level look at the concept of a blockchain, explores in detail how a blockchain works to provide the trust at the heart of a digital ledger.

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Online Academy: Starts 30th August 2018

Blockchain Masterclass

This three day Blockchain Masterclass will give you a solid grounding to enable you to recognise the potential opportunities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It is recommended for all technology and innovation driven teams in medium to large organisations.

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5G Mini MBA – Business & Technology

The 5G Mini MBA has been designed to provide a solid foundation for executives and mid-senior managers as they meet the challenges and develop the opportunities that 5G, Connected Innovation, and Smart Technology brings to the organisation.

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London: 04 - 08 June 2018 | Dubai: 09 - 13 September 2018


Diploma in Digital Connectivity & Communication Systems

(Distance Learning)

Build in-depth, comprehensive knowledge and competencies in the many related technology and business aspects of the connected innovation ecosystem.


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Distance Learning: Starts 26th March 2018 

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