5G, Connected Innovation & Applications

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NFV & SDN for Telecoms – Programme Details

SDN and NFV Concepts

  • Layered architectures; management overview and control of network traffic
  • SDN over multiple network domains
  • NFV Features and benefits
  • Virtualised fixed and mobile network use cases
  • Software based solutions for business agility
  • Hybrid SDN and NFV

SDN Architecture and Application

  • SDN evolution
  • Routing and network forwarding
  • SDN for Datacentre, Transport, SD-WAN edge, and NFV/NSH Virtualised services
  • SDN Layering, Openflow and Open Daylight
  • Networking for Virtualised Servers
  • Cloud based Control Plane
  • SDN Management Plane
  • SDN Controller requirements

NFV Architecture and Application

  • Functional delivery from Appliance to Orchestrated VNFs
  • NFV Evolution
  • ETSI Architecture and Standardisation
  • NFV Security
    • ETSI Management and Orchestration
  • Enhanced Platform Awareness
  • Dataplane Acceleration and DPDK
  • ETSI Management and Orchestration
  • VNF Integration
  • NFV Use cases, and virtualised Customer Premises Equipment
    • Integration with the legacy Network and OSS/BSS
    • Operational implications; Procurement and Skills considerations
    • Open Source and OPNFV

Industry activity

  • NFV Maturity stages
  • SDN industry groups; OpenFlow, OpenStack, and OpenDaylight
  • NFV Industry groups;
  • ETSI NFV, OSM, MEC, and ENI;
  • OCP and the Telecom Infra Project
  • Linux ONAP, OPNFV, OpenvSwitch, and DPDK/FDiO;
  • MEF LSO;
  • ATIS
  • TMForum Zoom
  • Leading Operator Initiatives

Industry trends and Analyst predictions

  • AT&T Open CORD,
  • Deutsche Telekom Terastream and Future N&SM
  • Leading Vendor activities
  • The SDN and NFV market:
  • Segmentation and Revenues
  • Professional Services
  • From NFV to Cloud Native microservices
  • 5G and Network Slicing

Costs and Benefits of SDN/NFV

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Time to market advantages
  • Transformation initiatives
  • CAPEX/OPEX impacts