LTE Technology Bootcamp for Public Safety Professionals – Programme Details

LTE Technology Bootcamp for Public Safety Professionals – Programme Details

Evolution of LTE

  • Evolution of Mobile Broadband
  • LTE Capabilities and Services
  • Comparison of Mobile Broadband
  • LTE Market Analysis
  • Review of LTE market players and activities
  • Spectrum Allocations for Public Safety

Service Architecture Evolution (SAE) Overview

  • LTE Network Architecture
    • Radio Access
    • Packet Core
  • Interworking¬† for LTE
    • Legacy 2G/3G Interworking
    • WLAN Interworking


  • IMS Functional Entities
  • Session Controllers
  • Application Servers

Service Management and Delivery

  • Delivering Services via LTE
  • QoS in LTE
  • The Role of the PCRF
  • Bearers and Bearer Management

Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

  • VoLTE/VoIP Overview
  • VoLTE Architecture
  • VoLTE Services

Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS)

  • Operational Elements
  • MBMS in the Radio Channel
  • MBMS Enhancements

LTE Physical Layer

  • Introduction to OFDM
  • Downlink OFDMA
  • Uplink Single Carrier-FDMA
  • LTE Channels
  • Mapping of Channels
  • LTE Frame Timing Structure
  • UL/DL Resource Blocks, Symbols and Sub-Carriers
  • Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC)
  • MIMO and Beam-Forming Antenna Support in LTE
  • Physical Layer Procedures

LTE Air Interface Protocols MAC,RLC,PDCP and RRC

  • MAC/RLC Overview
  • MAC Functions
  • RLC Modes
  • PDCP Functions
  • RRC Functions

S1 Interface and X2 Interface

  • S1 features and Services
  • S1 Protocol Stacks
  • S1 Procedures and Signalling Messages
  • X2 Features and Services
  • X2 Protocol Stacks
  • S1 Procedures and Signalling Messages

The Network Planning Lifecycle

  • High Level Network Design Cycle
  • Phase 1 Objective Setting
  • Phase 2 Site Selection
  • Phase 3 Radio Modelling
  • Phase 4 Model Tuning and Optimisation
  • Factors Affecting the LTE Planning Process
  • Planning Demonstration
  • Link Budget Examples

EUTRAN Architecture, Identities and Mobility

  • eUTRAN Architecture and Interfaces
  • UE Identities in the EUTRAN
  • Network Node Identities
  • Mobility in IDLE Mode
  • Cell Selection
  • Cell Reselection (Intra/Inter)
  • Mobility in CONNECTED Mode
  • Handovers (Intra/Inter)
  • LTE-3G Mobility

Public Safety Networks

  • Requirements for PS Networks
  • Evolution of PS Networks
  • Standards and Governmental Activities

Group Communications over LTE

  • Group Communication Principles
  • Group Communication Service Enablers (GCSE)
  • GCSE Architectural Requirements
  • GCSE Principal Functions and Interfaces
  • GCSE Services
  • GCSE Signalling
  • Access Control

Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT)

  • Proximity Services (ProSE)
  • ProSE Operation
  • ProSE for Public Safety