LTE For Commercial Professionals – Programme Details

LTE For Commercial Professionals – Programme Details

Roadmap to 4G and Beyond

  • 3.9G deployment
  • IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced
  • LTE and LTE Advanced
  • Migrating to 4G
  • Key characteristics of IMT-Advanced systems
  • Core 3.9G/4G technologies
  • Software aspects
  • Advanced modulation and coding schemes
  • Advanced MIMO techniques
  • Relay nodes
  • 4G technologies
  • Characteristics of 3GPP Release 10
  • 4G services and applications
  • 4G devices

Context of LTE Services and Applications

  • Service evolution up to 4G
  • Limitations of 3G/3.5G services
  • Requirements of mobile broadband networks
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions
  • Mobile broadband revenues
  • Mobile broadband devices
  • Technology deployment
  • LTE launch strategies
  • Mobile broadband business models
  • LTE pricing strategies
  • Bridging the price–revenue gap

LTE Service Architecture

  • LTE service and design objectives
  • Evolution from circuit switching to all IP
  • Objectives and advantages of deploying the EPS
  • SAE architecture
  • Control and user plane protocols
  • EPC services
  • E-UTRAN services
  • LTE network bearers
  • QoS considerations and mechanisms
  • Security aspects for LTE

Annex A

  • The IMS concept
  • IMS Releases
  • IMS features
  • IMS network architecture
  • Mobility and roaming
  • IMS deployment considerations
  • The operator’s view
  • The user’s view

LTE Applications and Ecosystems

  • Next-generation mobile applications and their requirements
  • Mobile content and usage predictions
  • Options for providing voice services over LTE networks
  • Market development for voice
  • Providing SMS over LTE networks
  • Non-voice application classes
  • How applications may be expected to change and grow over time
  • Existing applications
  • Emerging applications
  • LTE ecosystems
  • Applications development projects
  • Devices – the importance of smartphones

Additional Complimentary Modules:

The following Modules compliment this programme – please enquire for details:

  • Advanced Billing
  • Policy and Charging Control (PCC)