4G & LTE

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Evolving the Core Network—EPC, PCC, IMS & VoLTE – Programme Details

Module 1: Core Network Technologies

The Core Network

  • Ethernet and the Metropolitan Area Network
  • WAN Technologies
  • Transmission In The Core Network

IP in the Core Network

  • IP Explained
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Requirements
  • IP in the Core Network


  • Introduction to SIP
  • SIP Methods and Responses
  • The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Module 2: Delivering Advanced Services

Introducing Service Delivery in Converging Networks

  • Introduction to Service Delivery
  • The Value of the Service Industry
  • Converging Networks and Services
  • Opening up the Service Market
  • Services for Evolving Networks
  • Technology for Convergence

Service Delivery Standards and Technologies

  • SDP Technology and Networks
  • Content and Delivery
  • Standards and Service Delivery
  • Java and the Service Delivery Concept

IP Multimedia Subsystem and Converged Devices

  • The IMS Market
  • IP and IMS Technology
  • Converged Devices
  • Enabling Technologies for Converging Services

Module 3: The LTE Core Network (Evolved Packet Core)

Introduction to SAE and the EPC

  • Core Network Evolution
  • The Relationship Between LTE and SAE
  • Migration Paths, Data and Voice

The EPC (Evolved Packet Core)

  • EPC Architecture and Interfaces
  • Interworking
  • LTE Areas and Identities
  • EPS Bearers
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Charging Mechanisms and PCC

EPC Protocols

  • Introduction to the EPC Protocols
  • PMIPv6
  • IETF Protocols
  • SAE Security

EPC Procedures

  • Idle Mode Procedures
  • Bearer Establishment and Connected Mode Mobility Management


  • IMS Background and Features
  • IMS Architecture and Procedures