School of Advanced Communications Technologies


Discovering NFC Ecosystem – Everything you need to know about your NFC solutions – Programme Details

Introduction to Mobile NFC

  • History
  • What is Mobile NFC?
  • Use Cases
  • Real deployment examples and videos

Focus on Mobile Equipment

  • Architecture for Mobile Contactless
  • Secure Elements
  • Choosing User Interface

Focus on SIM Secure Element

  • What is a smart card & Why adapted for hosting of MNO, payment & transport applications
  • Understanding UICC Multi application model
  • Security features
  • Remote management of data

Global Platform Basics

  • What is Global Platform (GP)?
  • How actors can manage their applications on the same card
  • GP and Mobile NFC ¡V Different Card architectures
  • What is a Security Domain & how can it be used
  • Global Platform Commands overview

Trusted Service Management

  • What is TSM?
  • Basic Architectures
  • TSM in the Card side
  • TSM in the Server side
  • Contracts management example

Focus on Server Side

  • Mobile NFC Solution Architecture with MNO Business Enabler (BE)
  • Elements role
  • TSM SP ¡V BE interface
  • Standards
  • AFSCM Specification overview

Demos on:

  • NFC transport & payment use case, and TSM Managment of NFC Services