W-CDMA and UMTS System Overview

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Course Overview

Are you looking for a good overall understanding of the UMTS and W-CDMA? This course establishes the need for a new generation of mobile network before explaining, in detail, how UMTS proposes to meet those requirements. The service aspects, architecture, protocols, and implementation strategies are all presented in a clear, concise format.

This, together with a thorough grounding of the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) scheme used in UMTS, the structure of the Air Interface, the associated radio planning issues and migration strategies, will ensure the delegate is equipped with a good all-round view of UMTS.

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Duration: 3 Days

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Why Choose This Course?

Course Benefits

  • Excellent technical grounding in UMTS networks - W-CDMA, Access, Core & Service Delivery
  • Highly focused and in-depth training from the experts - including relevant updates from Informa’s extensive research team
  • Trainers and programme directors that are experts, industry experienced, and highly accomplished training professionals

Who is it for?

  • Executives and senior management teams
  • Mid-senior managers – all departments
  • Identified talent
  • Commercial specialists
  • Technology specialists, engineers & SMEs
  • Strategy specialists
  • Consultants

Programme Modules

  • The need for 3rd Generation Systems
  • UMTS Services and Applications
  • UMTS Architecture
  • Core Network Architecture and Protocols
  • W-CDMA Applied to UMTS
  • The UMTS Air Interface Channels and Protocols
  • The UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN)
  • Procedures
  • Radio Planning Issues
  • Evolutionary Strategies

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

  • State the main principles driving the development and introduction of the next generation of mobile networks, and how these are addressed by UMTS
  • Describe the overall UMTS architecture, explaining the role of the User Equipment, UTRAN, and Core Network
  • Relate protocols to the relevant interfaces, describing the basic requirements and principles associated with each interface

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Explain the basic operation of the air interface, describing the capabilities, advantages, requirements and operation of the W-CDMA system applied to UMTS, together with the basic protocol structure and resulting impact on services
  • State the transport protocols to be adopted at each point in the network and appreciate the reasons why those protocols have been chosen for standardisation
  • Recognise and follow UMTS basic procedures, relating each phase in a procedure to the relevant UMTS or transport network protocol operation



Programme Details

Module 1

The need for 3rd Generation Systems

Module 2

UMTS Services and Applications

Module 3

UMTS Architecture

Module 4

Core Network Architecture and Protocols

Module 5

W-CDMA Applied to UMTS

Module 6

The UMTS Air Interface Channels and Protocols

Module 7

The UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN)

Module 8


Module 9

Radio Planning Issues

Module 10

Evolutionary Strategies

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