SS7 in Modern Networks

Investigate SS7 & associated signalling systems and the role that they play in modern telecommunication network.

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Course Overview

Are you interested in investigating SS7 and associated signalling systems and the role that they play in modern telecommunication networks? This programme will do exactly that and you will explore how SS7 is implemented in an IP environment using the SIGTRAN standards. The SS7 architecture is examined and then the role and operation of the various user and application parts are explained. Examples are used throughout to illustrate different call control scenario and to show how services and mobility can be effectively controlled using the relevant SS7 protocols.

The move towards the IP core network is examined in detail by exploring the requirements, operation, and architecture of SS7 over IP, the Softswitch and the UMTS all-IP core network. The implementation of SS7 in IP-based networks using SIGTRAN is also considered in detail – including network architecture, resilience and redundancy issues, use of SCTP and inter working. To provide a complete picture, the GSM/3G based mobile network is used as an example throughout.

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Duration: 2 Days

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Why Choose This Course?

Course Benefits

  • Focus solely on SS7 in modern mobile networks
  • Explore the SS7 Protocol Stack, 3GPP and Call Scenarios
  • Understand the full treatment of Architectures, Functional Elements and Procedures
  • Discover MOBILITY, MAP Procedures, CAMEL and the Camel Application
  • Be exposed to Example Procedures throughout and Trace exercises used to reinforce learning


Who is it for?

  • Executives and senior management teams
  • Mid-senior managers – all departments
  • Identified talent
  • Commercial specialists
  • Technology specialists, engineers & SMEs
  • Strategy specialists
  • Consultants

Programme Modules

  • Signalling
  • Requirements and SS7
  • SS7 functions, architecture and the message transfer part
  • Call control and the ISDN user part
  • Non circuit-related signalling - SCCP
  • Non circuit-related signalling - TCAP
  • SS7 in use – GSM & MAP
  • SS7 in use – INAP
  • SS7 in use – CAP
  • The evolving network
  • SS7 over IP
  • Sigtran network – operation and design
  • BICC
  • Diameter protocol

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

  • Recognise different signalling scenarios found in modern telecommunications networks, and identify the network entities involved
  • Identify and describe the type and scope of information that may need transferring between the entities, differentiating between circuit- related and non-circuit-related signalling
  • Describe the role of Call Control protocols in fixed and mobile networks, focusing primarily on the ISDN User Part (ISUP) and its use in GSM/3G

Benefits for your Organisation

  • Draw the procedural diagrams for a range of call control scenarios and describe the features and functions of the INAP, MAP and CAMEL protocols, showing where they are used
  • Follow the procedures for both service control and mobility scenarios and assess key planning and implementation options when deploying SS7 with SIGTRAN
  • Show how SS7 procedures can be replicated in the Diameter environment and explain the Diameter architecture including relays and agent functions

Programme Details

Module 1


Module 2

Requirements and SS7

Module 3

SS7 functions, architecture and the message transfer part

Module 4

Call control and the ISDN user part

Module 5

Non circuit-related signalling - SCCP

Module 6

Non circuit-related signalling - TCAP

Module 7

SS7 in use – GSM & map

Module 8

SS7 in use – INAP

Module 9

SS7 in use – CAP

Module 10

The Evolving Network

Module 11

– SS7 over ip

Module 12

Sigtran network – operation and design

Module 13


Module 14

Diameter Protocol

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