Course Overview

Are you looking to explore the world of ‘Smart Cities’ and how you can play a role in solving a global challenge facing megacities around the world? Join an exclusive group of like-minded business executives as you discover the systems, frameworks, control mechanisms, and technologies behind Smart City initiatives, as well as the opportunities, ecosystems, and the global community behind much of the progress made to date.

In this workshop, you will also be exposed to various case studies and real-life example as well as standardisation, benchmarking and the role of different players within the various ecosystems. Opportunities for leading and coordinating specific elements of the overall system will also be revealed.

Early Bird Price: £1035+VAT

London: 23 - 24 April 2018

PRICE: £1155+VAT


Why choose this course?

Course Benefits

  • Get exposure to the latest IoT analysis from Ovum experts
  • Discover the definition of a ‘Smart City’
  • Understand the role of technology, data and infrastructure, strategy, governance and industry support
  • Grasp safeguards, mitigation and risk
  • Learn to apply through the evaluation and analysis of case studies and examples

Who is it for?

  • Executives and senior management teams
  • Mid-senior managers – all departments
  • Identified talent
  • Commercial specialists
  • Technology specialists, engineers & SMEs
  • Strategy specialists
  • Consultants

Programme Modules

  • Defining the Smart City
  • Technology, data and infrastructure
  • Safeguards, risk and mitigation
  • Problems to be solved and issues to be addressed
  • Strategy, governance and industry support
  • Case studies

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

  • Make decisions on technology implementation and procurement that are commercially viable with minimal risk, and in line with the organisation’s strategy and goals
  • Develop holistic solutions, identifying where value can be created for businesses, citizens and city authorities and where that value can and should be monetised
  • Contribute to strategic debate and agenda setting both within their own organisation and within Smart City projects and ecosystems

Benefits for your Organisation

  • Evaluate business opportunities within different types of Smart, Future and Sustainable City projects
  • Effectively assess challenges that need to be solved by technology and smart city initiatives
  • Identify key technologies available and their likely impact on issues such as security, safety, cost, standardisation and future development

Programme Details

Module 1

Defining the Smart City

Module 2

Technology, Data and Infrastructure

Module 3

Safeguards, Risk and Mitigation

Module 4

Problems to be solved and issues to be addressed

Module 5

Strategy, Governance and Industry Support

Module 6

Case Studies

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