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Monetising 5G Masterclass

1 Day Masterclass

Amsterdam - 15th Oct

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Course Overview

5G is envisioned to be a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything around us. The number one issue for businesses is how to effectively monetise this service.

During this 1-day Masterclass, you will learn how to leverage 5G technical performance, assess business models, and formulate a basic business case for 5G technology. 5G is not cheap or easy and its ROI has to calculated over several years staged across its life cycle. As such pricing decisions and rollout strategies must be well thought out when formulating your business case

Broadband World Forum

Amsterdam: 15th Oct

PRICE: €495


Why choose this course?

Course Benefits

  • Practical approach to teaching. You will be made to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the 5G roll-out in an exercise that will see you work in teams to present a business case for 5G.
  • Real-life case studies: You will look to real-life scenarios to understand what strategies have been deployed already and how you can learn from these.
  • Focused program. Throughout the day you will become familiar with key trends, business models and use cases for 5G.

Who is it for?

  • CxO Teams
  • Senior & Middle Managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Technical Teams
  • Business Development
  • Engineers

Programme Modules

  • 5G Industry Forecasts & Trends
  • 5G Business Case Dilemma
  • 5G Business Model Options
  • Case Work in Teams: Rough Cast Plans to Monetise 5G

Learning Outcomes

Benefits For Professionals

  • Review and evaluate industry trends and forecasts to gain produce insights
  • Become familiar with key telco business models underpinning a profitable 5G
  • Recognize how 5G will differentiate from 4G and why Telcos are investing in 5G now
  • Improve strategic thinking and decision-making abilities to monetize 5G
  • Equip yourself with tools and techniques to face the challenges of the new telecommunications environment with 5G arrival

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • Identify what services and profit pools will be enabled by 5G according to its performance parameters
  • Realise various opportunities for strategic partnerships (operators, vendors and regulators)
  • Improve competencies, efficiencies and overall effectiveness of telecommunications managers and leaders in the Connected era
  • Analyse key telco business models and pricing strategies to profit from softwarized networks such as 5G

What Are People Saying?

Programme Details

Module 1

5G : Industry Forecasts and Trends

  • The Global Picture
  • Regional Forecasts
  • Trends analysis
  • Exploring Blue Ocean Opportunities: Mobility as Service
  • QA

Module 2

5G Business Case Dilemma

  • Technology Parameters: Capacity, Coverage, Throughput
  • What are the 5G cost elements and pricing options
  • Exploring New Business Models: Network as a Service, Ecosystems
  • Network Rollout Based on Use Cases and life cycle strategy
  • QA

Module 3

5G Business Model Options

  • Understand Platform economics and ecosystem participation
  • Selecting the business model : Naas , IaaS , Neutral Host
  • Private 5G networks : Industries , Smart City
  • Revamped MVNO model to address niches
  • QA

Module 4

Case work in Teams : Rough Cast Plans to Monetize 5G

  • Selecting the best technology architecture and migration options
  • Towards customer-centric services and applications
  • Pricing decisions and Blue Ocean opportunities
  • Leverage Ecosystems