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LTE for Mission Critical Networks

Understanding the challenges and opportunities found in mission critical LTE.

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Course Overview

Critical industries are starting to look to LTE as the next necessary step to help us achieve this – with the technology boasting seamless connectivity and coverage allowing for improved response time and situational awareness. Yet, beyond public safety, mission critical LTE is set to benefit various industries, with HIS Markit reporting a significant increase in revenue generated by mission critical LTE across sectors including utilities and transportation.

Utilising real-life examples through the aid of first-hand deployment accounts and case studies, this programme will look to deliver in-depth understanding on LTE as applied to mission critical networks and guidance on what can be done to prepare for the transition.

LTE for Mission Critical Networks

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Why choose this course?

Course benefits

  • Focused training tailored for technical professionals looking to understand LTE as applied to mission critical networks
  • In-depth evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of LTE for mission critical networks
  • First-hand accounts on deploying LTE for public safety use globally including Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Utilisation of case studies, including the UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN), to demonstrate real-life LTE deployment scenarios for mission critical networks
  • Developed and delivered by expert course leaders with real-world experience in LTE

Who is it for?

This is a technical course designed to provide an in-depth understanding on LTE as applied to mission critical networks.

Therefore, functions including: system and solution architects, project managers, radio planners, developers, technical managers or any other function related to the deployment of mission critical LTE, will find this course beneficial. Organisations include:

  • Critical Enterprises
  • Vendors
  • Telecoms Operators

Programme modules

  1. Understanding LTE as applied to Mission Critical Networks
  2. LTE versus lagacy systems and the option of a hydrid solution
  3. LTE and the evolutuion of hardward and software for Mission Critical Networks
  4. First-hand accounts in deploying LTE for Mission Critical Networks
  5. Mission Critical Features for LTE
  6. LTE frequency bands and spectrum allocations
  7. 5G as appllied to Mission Critical Networks

Why attend?

  • Recommend deployment strategies for mission critical LTE
  • Recognise the implications of LTE and make appropriate preparations for its deployment
  • Understand key challenges in transitioning to LTE and propose solutions to help overcome these

  • Identify devices being developed for LTE and comprehend the feasibility of their use
  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Recognise spectrum allocations and the advantages/disadvantages to operating on certain frequency bands

This programme will allow

Critical Enterprises to:

  • Recognise the benefits in using LTE for mission critical communication
  • Understand how mission critical networks will be prioritised alongside commercial networks
  • Identify products in development and the feasibility of their use
  • Realise the challenges accompanying LTE and strategies that can be undertaken to minimise any risks
  • Comprehend what LTE will mean for legacy systems

Vendors to:

  • Understand the needs of their customers
  • Recognise certain trends in the market
  • Identify key challenges on deploying LTE for mission critical networks and how their products can be made to address these
  • Unlock new revenue streams

Telecom Operators to:

  • Understand the concerns of their customers using mission critical networks
  • Realise how they can tailor their service to support mission critical networks
  • Ensure that mission critical enterprises have access to current LTE technology
  • Understand various spectrum allocations and make informed decisions when choosing top operate their network at a certain frequency

Programme Details

Module 1

Understanding LTE as applied to Mission Critical Networks

Module 2

LTE Overview and Lesgacy Systems

Module 3

LTE Interworking and Hybrid Solution Options for Mission Critical Networks

Module 4

First-hand accounts in deploying LTE for Mission Critical Networks

Module 5

Mission Critical Features for LTE

Module 6

LTE Frequency Bands and Spectrum Allocations

Module 7

5G as Applied to Mission Critical Networks

Live Virtual Classroom

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