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Enterprise 5G

Making and winning the case for 5G services

Course Overview

This programme has been created to support sales and marketing functions to help develop an effective 5G sales bid. It supports the internal Telco-focussed teams with the provision of industry data, evidence of 5G’s commercial impact and offers templated sales & marketing tools.

Through a combination of self-paced content on our dedicated training portal, optional live learning sessions and industry analysis which demonstrates the rate and scale of 5G use case adoptions by the expert analyst team at Omdia, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to showcase revenue benefit of 5G through ARPU benefits and new revenue opportunities.

Why choose this course?


The programme consists of:

  • A training portal with self-paced tutorials across key technology features
  • A global central repository of marketing assets including case studies, .ppt templates, market data
  • Option to include live interactive learning sessions with Informa Tech’s expert trainers
  • Option to re-sell 5G portal and training programme to telcos or enterprise customers

The programme is fully customised and you can choose the modules and delivery formats that best suits your business and your teams’ learning and development needs.


This programme is relevant to any organisation seeking to monetise the Enterprise 5G / LTE opportunity – be they Operator, Vendor or Integrator.


The training portal will offer participants:

  • Richer bids: Give sales and marketing teams access to consistent and robust bid material to support 5G business development and marketing activities.
  • More compelling storyboards: An industry guide, which sets out the 5G opportunity for use in client discussions.
  • Better solutions: A tool that supports a consultative sales process. The portal will facilitate account managers to demonstrate standard use cases and guide discussions to a custom 5G solution.
  • Improved bid momentum & pace: With customers, move more quickly into new use cases compared to alternative vendors who will not have similar levels of bid support and training assets.


Module 1

Why 5G? Pitching the 5G commercial case - Definitions and market forecasts



  • What is 5G, why do we need it, what are the forecasts for 5G growth
  • 3G/4G ARPU history
  • SP business rationale trends & 5G propositions to date
  • 5G launches to date and expected rates of country adoption.
  • 5G impact on ARPU and the importance of pace of 5G rollouts.
Additional material will cover


  • 5G Capabilities & Comparison with existing network capabilities
  • Relevant user-cases
  • Global enterprise mobile data traffic
  • Forecasts per region
Learning outcomes


  • Gain an understanding of how the technical capabilities of 5G stack up against the monetisation strategies from an enterprise perspective
  • Be confident in arguing your case about where enterprises sit in 5G services and application value chains and where they should aspire to sit.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of 5G use cases across B2B (and B2C markets)
  • Have a strong opinion about whether 5G represents potential evolution or revolution to your customers.

Module 2

5G & MEC Tech Foundations - Establishing the technology foundations of 5G and MEC



  • Spectrum
  • The radio access network
  • Network Slicing
  • 5G standards and their evolution 
  • Latency – why it's important and its impact on computing 
  • The edge – architectures for success 
  • 6G – the next generation, or not? 
Additional material will cover


  • 5G: multiple spectrum bands, licensed and unlicensed
  • Small cells
  • Cloud RAN / Centralised RAN (C-RAN)/Open RAN
  • 5G Standardisation
  • 5G networks: RAN and core
  • Edge Computing
  • Network slicing: benefit and challenges, how to capture value in network slicing
Learning outcomes


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the emerging telecoms technologies and the role of 5G and edge computing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the telecommunications technologies that drive 5G networks, and the business drivers underlying network transformation and service delivery, considering the impact of edge computing.
  • Reflect upon the opportunities created by this technological change for enterprises globally. Analyse a range of responses that may be employed to capitalise on these opportunities.

Module 3

Data Management, analytics, digital supply chain, cloud - The consequences of 5G on data management, analytics, digital supply chain & cloud



  • Digital Transformation in the context of 5G
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Analytics and AI 
  • Analytics & 5G – impact and consequences 
  • The 5G cloud platforms – design for success 
  • 5G & data management methods 
  • 5G & digital supply chain  
  • 5G applications & data management 
Additional material will cover


  • Transforming customer experience, delivering new revenue streams and creating operational efficiencies.
  • Network Transformation
  • Open-source
  • Cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Agile and DevOps
  • AI and Analytics
  • AI’s complementary role alongside 5G and Edge Computing
Learning outcomes


  • Gain the confidence to contribute to the development of commercially viable customer solutions
  • Contribute more effectively to discussions and development of cloud implementation or strategy
  • Better understand the impact AI can have on enterprise business and the powerful impact this can have when combined with 5G and Edge Computing

Module 4

New business models & adjacent markets - Develop a storyboard around how 5G will impact adjacencies and the telco win



  • Categorise business models
  • Partner or Self-build? Wholesale and platform
  • E2E service
  • New pricing strategies
  • New mobile media opportunity 
  • 5G impact on m-commerce impact 
  • The intelligent enterprise 
  • Taking a vertical view of the market
Additional material will cover


  • Potential new sources of revenue
  • Cloud computing: resell, partner or build?
  • Business models and strategy
  • Overview of IoT
  • E2E service powered by 5G
  • A vertical view of the market 
  • Pricing strategies: What are the pricing options for 5G? 
Learning outcomes


  • Better understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by different vertical industries.
  • Learn about the different business model options and the impact of each.

Module 5

Your org’s competitive advantage – Developing a storyboard around how 5G will unlock entirely new media technologies and generate new revenue



  • Your organisation & 5G
  • Handling competitors
  • Winning 5G bids – tips and techniques
  • Tailored to your organisation’s positioning and objectives