Diploma in Telecoms Technologies and Business Strategy

Gain the knowledge and skills required to successfully operate within the modern telecoms industry

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Course Overview

Based on the premise that an underlying awareness of all facets of the industry is essential to business success, the programme offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of topics and to focus on either business or technology, or a mix of the two.

This programme is aimed at those wanting to gain an insight into the wide-ranging aspects of telecoms business and technologies, as well as how telcos are evolving to meet the challenges presented by digital transformation. It will also benefit telecoms professionals who want to develop key business skills to improve their effectiveness within the organisation.

Earlybird price: £1925+VAT

(Distance Learning) : Starts: 27th March 2019

PRICE: £2145+VAT


Why choose this course?

Who’s it for?

  • Commercial Job Functions
  • Heads of Technical Junctions
  • Employees wishing to gain experience to progress to more senior roles
  • Graduates or new employees who need to develop knowledge

Core Modules

  • Telecoms Business Environment 
  • Effective Commercial Performance in Telecoms 
  • Telecoms Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction
  • Technologies 2025

Elective Modules (5)

  • Towards 5G: Markets and Technologies
  • Introdution to LTE: Markets and Technologies
  • Access Network Technologies
  • Core Network Technologies
  • Radio Principles
  • Developing Customer Centricity: CEM and Branding for Telcos 
  • Project Management for Telecoms
  • Finance for Telecoms Professionals
  • Business Communication for Professionals
  • How to Win at Telecoms: Management and Leadership Techniques

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for Professional

  • Develop a broad understanding of the telco industry
  • Gain key project management skills and techniques
  • Broaden knowledge of customer centric strategies and implementation options 
  • Implement effective strategic change throughout your projects
  • Develop key leadership and management skills to progress your career

Benefits for Organisations

  • Drive effective digital transformation throughout your organisation
  • Gain insights into new and emerging technologies and business solutions
  • Encourage new styles of leadership and change management
  • Discover potential revenue streams for your organisation
  • Encourage strategic decision making across your organisation

Programme Details

The course is modular in format. Depending on the study option selected, students follow four core modules, and then choose five from a range of elective modules

Module 1

C1. Telecoms Business Environment

Module 2

C2. Effective Commercial Performance in Telecoms

Module 3

C3. Telecoms Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction

Module 4

C4. Technologies 2025

Module 5

S1. Towards 5G: Markets and Technologies

Module 6

S2. Introduction to LTE: Markets and Technologies

Module 7

S3. Access Network Technologies

Module 8

S4. Core Network Technologies

Module 9

S5. Radio Principles

Module 10

S6. Developing Customer Centricity: CEM and Branding for Telcos

Module 11

S7. Project Management in Telecoms

Module 12

S8. Finance for Telecoms Professionals

Module 13

S9. Business Communication for Professionals

Module 14

S10. How to Win at Telecoms: Management and Leadership Techniques