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Diploma in Telecoms Business

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The telecommunications business environment is rapidly changing, and recognising and maximising opportunities for developing products, services and partnership – profitably, and in a way that builds value for the organisation – is becoming more challenging and complex. Companies involved in the telecoms sector need high-quality people with the right knowledge and competences in order to effectively build and maintain competitive advantage. The Diploma in Telecoms Business has been designed with this requirement fully in mind.

This programme provides a comprehensive grounding in business aspects of telecommunications. It covers a wide range of topics that ensure participants build knowledge and competency quickly in the many related core areas of telecommunications business. In addition, the elective modules provide the opportunity for specialisation and to look deeper at specific areas of interest.

The programme is modular in format. Students follow four core modules, and then choose five from a range of elective modules – enabling them to effectively customise the programme to their job function, the company requirement, or their area of interest.

The programme draws on the Telecoms Academy’s extensive experience of delivering a wide range of telecoms business programmes as part of the Faculty of Telecoms Business, as well as high-quality distance learning programmes as part of the Distance Learning Faculty.

Who would benefit from this programme?

Those who need a thorough grounding in telecommunications business as part of their job function, or those who have specialist knowledge in a specific area of telecommunications (business or technology), and wish to contribute and communicate more fully and effectively with the wider business.

This course is ideal for those, including recent graduates, who have recently taken on a new job role (or are new to the company) and need to develop knowledge and competency in a flexible and comprehensive way.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the core modules, the participant should be able to:

  1. Chart the fundamental evolution of the telecommunications business environment – identifying the key business goals of the industry as it changes from an environment  dominated by voice, to one that embraces multimedia and feature-rich applications
  2. Understand the fundamental capabilities, limitations and characteristics of the underlying communication concepts
  3. Identify the major limitations imposed by legacy markets, organisations and systems
  4. Discuss with confidence how the customer proposition is changing, and is likely to evolve, including the marketing and product / service mix
  5. Confidently interpret and / or contribute to financial analysis and accounting documentation in the telecoms environment – and therefore more easily identify activities  that build profit or contribute value to the organisation
  6. Analyse and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of telecommunication companies, organisations, and partnerships
  7. Confidently analyse business projects from a financial perspective

Mandatory Modules

  1. Telecoms Business Environment
  2. Finance for Telecoms Professionals
  3. Marketing Communications Services
  4. Operating Effectively

Optional Modules

  1. Telecoms Technologies
  2. Project Management in Telecoms
  3. Customer Engagement and Branding in Telecoms
  4. Future Business Models for ICT Players
  5. Customer Relationship Management in Telecoms
  6. Sales & Value Chain Management
  7. Budgeting and Forecasting in Telecoms
  8. Access Network Technologies
  9. Connected TV – Internet Protocol for Television Transmission
  10. Managing Services, PCC and Billing

Study Options

The course is modular in format. Depending on the study option selected, students follow four core modules, and then choose five from a range of elective modules – enabling them to effectively customise the programme to their job function, the company requirement, or their area of interest.

Students will be awarded an internationally recognised University Cerificate if they complete the Integrated or Bridging Diploma options (see below for details).

  • Foundation in Telecoms (3 Modules) – Students study 3 mandatory modules
  • Standard Diploma (9 Modules) - Students study 4 core modules plus 5 optional modules
  • Bridging – Foundation and Diploma (9 Modules) – Students study the Foundation in Telecoms plus EITHER the Diploma in LTE and Advanced Communications OR the Diploma in Telecoms Business

Studying 9 modules over 9 months and complete the associated assessments and you will qualify for a University Certificate (Level 4)

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