Commercialising cloud, multi-cloud and cloud-based services

10 June, London Tech Week

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Course Overview

The telecommunications industry has been entirely disrupted by cloud and cloud-based services. CSPs understand they must be cloud providers of the future and continue to invest accordingly.

This course provides the understanding, use case examples and commercial awareness required to understand your organisation’s role and offerings in the context of the wider cloud ecosystem.

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London: 10 June 2019



Programme Agenda


Understanding cloud, the terminology and the technology

Use Cases

Demonstrating where and how cloud-based services are being applied and commercialised


Evaluating the cloud ecosystem of solutions, providers and partners


Building business cases and monetising cloud-based service implementation 


Essential considerations for complex cloud cases, including migrations

Learning Outcomes

Successfully complete this one day training programme and you will:

  • Understand cloud and cloud-based services, their technicalities, infrastructure and architecture, at a high level
  • Appreciate the challenges, risks and benefits of implementing cloud technology
  • Discuss the costs, benefits, risks and complications of cloud implementation, from use case examples

  • Gather essential insight on the commercial detail for building the business case for adopting and implementing cloud and cloud service offerings (for national and international service providers)
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the service, solution and partner ecosystem that exists for cloud and cloud-based services (for national and international service providers)

  • See how telcos and DSPs are implementing and commercialising cloud solutions and services, whilst identifying the value to client and provider
  • Learn how to assess and set expectations for complex cloud implementation scenarios, namely legacy systems, multi-cloud, hybrid models and migrations
  • Understand the challenge, risk and benefits of implementing cloud technology

Is it for you?

This course has been specifically designed to educate non-technical telco professionals as they help their organisations offer this new range of services, realise new revenue streams and transform into DSPs.

Commercial & consumer facing professionals

This training is designed to give you the essential understanding of the technology before diving into the commercial depths.

Technical teams bridging the technical / commercial divide

Designed to enable you to better understand the commercial application and business drivers behind your technology’s application, whilst giving you insight on new disruptive technologies outside your remit.

Technology, Service & Solutions Providers to Telco & CSPs

Join your telco colleagues as we examine how each technology serves as a business model disruptor enabling operators to realise new markets, revenues or cost base savings.

Course Director

Philippe Erad, Founder and Senior Consultant, Digital Convergence Solutions

Having obtained his Master's degree in Electricity from Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, in 1990, he began his professional career at ASCOM as a software developer on Ericsson AXE systems. In 1998, Philippe joined Ericsson's private operators division in Berne, where as project manager he deployed mobile and fixed networks for operators such as Tele2, Telefonica and Cablecom.

In 2003, Philippe joined Comfone as project manager, where he participated in the development of Signalling and HUB services. He participated as well to the development of Comfone vVoip service, a precursor of the VOIP services deployed today by most operators. He held the positions of Project Manager, Product Development Director and Operational Network Manager. During this period, he successfully deployed HUB's Signallingservices (Roaming, SMS, MMS, GRX) and imposed Comfone's solutions as a GSMA standard.

Philippe founded Digital Convergence Solution in order to valorize his IT and Telecommunications skills through the Digital Convergence Solutions services offering.