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Autonomous Networks

Course Overview

As networks are becoming increasingly complex in terms of traffic, network types, experience and quality, operators are faced more than ever with the challenge of managing this complexity with their current resourcing, capabilities and human-centric processes. This development means that some are seeking to use AI on top of cloud-native networks to develop automation and self-healing capabilities. This forms part of the 5G discussion but sits beyond 5G.

This course investigates autonomous networks to help you better understand how operators can use them to increase efficiency and meet customer expectations and demands.

Why choose this course?


This course can be delivered as a one-day or two day programme. 


Vendors (IT and network) who are creating new products and services for operators to help automate different network and IT operations and functions

Operators who want to find out more about autonomous networks and decide on a strategy around it

Product, sales, marketing, network and IP professionals, operations and tech and operations teams


  • Get insights into how telecoms operators can exploit AI and ML across their organizations.
  • Learn about the automation journey for telecoms operators from cloud to cloud-native and then to autonomous systems.
  • Get insights into the new opportunities for telecoms operators that can automate their networks and operations.
  • Understand the different systems and processes that operators are seeking to exploit from customer experience to network operations and the network itself.
  • Learn the key obstacles to deploying autonomous network capabilities and how operators are addressing them.
  • Get real insights and case studies from operators across the world on their automation journeys

Module 1

Why do operators need autonomous networks?

  • Managing complexity
  • Managing costs
  • Meeting customer expectations in B2B services

Module 2

Introduction to data analytics, AI and automation in the telecoms industry

  • Network
  • Network Operations
  • Customer /digital experiences
  • Sales & marketing

Module 3

Autonomous networks and AI operations

  • Key concepts (predictive analysis, closed-loop operations and intent-based networking)
  • The three dimensions of AI Operations: resource operations, service operations and customer operations.

Module 4

Autonomous network building blocs

  • Migration to the cloud and cloud-native approaches
  • Adoption of network-as-a-service concepts
  • Building a data-driven organization
  • Building partnerships and skills in AI and automation

Module 5

Status of autonomous network adoption

  • Key use cases
  • Challenges to autonomous network deployment
  • Operator case studies