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AI in Telecoms

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Programme Contents

Day 1

  • Introductions and group challenges
  • Business 4.0 – Our changing world and evolving business landscape
  • Definition of AI, ML and RPA; examples of AI in our homes and our businesses
  • Life cycles according to the experts: Gartner, PWC and McKinsey
  • AI in your region
  • Audience participation: what does AI mean to you today?
  • Debunking AI myths
  • AI’s impact on different business functions: HR, sales, marketing, procurement, customer service, management
  • Telecoms 4.0 - case studies of AI, ML and RPA in the telco sector
  • Sharing AI case studies from Katie’s book
  • The role of Virtual Assistants and Chatbots
  • AI’s role in personalized and precision marketing
  • AI and the future of content curation
  • Case studies from other sectors which telecoms can learn from e.g. TGI Fridays and customer analytics

Day 2

  • Customer Experience: how AI and ML applications can improve the customer experience
  • The changing customer journey: machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Intelligent CRM systems
  • The role of machine learning in sales
  • The Trust Agenda
  • Group exercise: The New AI Context
    • Work in small teams
    • Select one current AI topic
    • What would happen if this topic went mainstream?
    • What should the watching brief be?
  • AI’s role in operations, in particular:
    • Network optimization
    • Network Security
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Fraud Mitigation
  • British Telecom (BT) Case Study

Day 3

  • AI quiz to test knowledge so far
  • How can AI and ML applications be used to enhance product development in telecoms
  • AI’s impact on jobs. How will roles change?
  • Group exercise:
  • Preparing for change: mindset, culture, training and hiring strategies
  • AI’s impact on education: lifelong learning. Impact on
  • HR for telcos
  • Group exercise: creating an action plan to maximise AI
  • Selling AI to senior management
  • A look to the future of AI.
  • Our role in the wider battle for AI and ethics.