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Course Overview

This course will provide a full exploration of Agile Leadership, Agile fundamentals, and adopting Agile for change, transformation and other programs at the executive and leadership level in the organisation. Key principles of Agile will be explored, including approaches for organisations and leaders new to Agile, as well as those currently progressing Agile adoption, together with leading tools and strategies, case studies and examples to demonstrate application of Agile Leadership principles to a variety of problems and scenarios.

Why choose this course?


Live online delivery

A highly interactive 2-day programme that allows participants to directly apply the learning outcomes to their own organisations. It will be a combination of:

  • Highly interactive delivery style
  • Very experienced and highly focused Agile Leadership trainer having delivered leadership training to senior leaders across various organisations  
  • Case studies
  • Class dynamics moulded to facilitate maximum learning opportunity
  • Application
  • Discussions
  • Individual attention throughout the learning process in order to meet learning objectives


The course is designed for mid to senior leadership level participants.


Upon successful completion of this course, learners will understand and be competent in:

• How Agile can transform the performance of your organisation

• The role of managers and leaders in adopting Agile, and mentoring and coaching Agile teams

• Defining the culture, values and structures for organisational success with Agile

• Overcoming obstacles, limitations and self-imposed restrictions limiting change effectiveness

• Impact assessment and further benefits capture as part of Agile transformation