8 Steps to IoT – Your Roadmap to the Internet of Things

This course is aimed at providing a framework on how to develop a successful IoT roadmap in 8 steps.

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Course Overview

This course is aimed at providing a framework on how to develop a successful IoT roadmap in 8 steps. It includes the most essential use cases, a suitable IoT architecture, business logics, monetization models and ecosystem concepts. Application examples and practical advice will provide inspiration for designing your individual IoT roadmap.

The course is complemented by a set of planning tools that you can use to apply directly on your own business case as you go along the individual modules of the training.

Online Academy

Starts: 28th March 2019

PRICE: £699 +VAT


Why Choose This Course?

Course Benefits

  • Provides an 8-step roadmap and a set of planning tools to apply to the participant’s business.
  • Understand the application of IoT in various contexts
  • Get exposure to the latest IoT market analysis from Ovum experts

Who is it for?

  • Senior/Middle managers
  • Development Manager
  • Telecoms/IT/Digital Consultants
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Managers
  • Revenue Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Strategy Managers
  • Product Engineers/Architects
  • Software & App Developers
  • Future-Thinkers/Consultants
  • CTO’s
  • IT Architects
  • Database Development Specialist
  • Supply Chain Managers

Programme Modules

  • Introduction to IoT
  • The IoT Technology Stack
  • Business logics
  • Connectivity – the entrance to the IoT
  • IoT Maturity Model

Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

  • Understand your business opportunities and market potential
  • Learn about applications and use cases that will create value
  • Develop structured IoT concepts by using the 8 STEPS TO IOT method
  • Define essential use cases as a basis for your IoT architecture
  • Specify objects and relations in the IoT stack
  • Create business logics patterns
  • Derive data streaming and storing requirements
  • Know the characteristics of different connectivity options
  • Evaluate business model alternatives and monetization strategies
  • Drive the ecosystem and choose your position within a partner framework
  • Adapt product design processes to meet the demand for dynamic deployment of IoT solutions
  • Compile your comprehensive IoT roadmap

Benefits of Online Academy

  • Boost your resume — with self-paced learning and advance your career with specialist technical skills
  • Convenience and flexibility — Learn whenever you want – from the comfort of your home or office
  • Enabled for mobile – make use of downtime with easy bite sized chunks of learning
  • Learn and apply right now – immediately implement what you learn during the course
  • Become part of a professional learning community — discuss any problems with students and the Course Instructor
  • Cost effective — save on travel expenses, reduce unproductive down time and no crowded airports
  • Grow as a team — with multiple licenses your team can access the course and learn together, no matter where they are in the world

Programme Details

Module 1

  • Introduction to IoT
  • IoT applications & generic IoT use cases (Step 1)
  • The IoT use case model (Step 2)

Module 2

  • The IoT Technology Stack (Step 3)
  • How to transfer use cases into the IoT stack
  • Organizing IoT projects

Module 3

  • Business Logics (Step 4)
  • Practical case for designing business logics
  • Managing data security in IoT networks

Module 4

  • Connectivity – The entrance to the IoT (Step 5)
  • Local networks and different connectivity option
  • Value capture models in the IoT (Step 6)

Module 5

  • IoT Maturity Model (Step 7)
  • Your roadmap for the IoT (Step 8)