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5G Private Networks Business Strategy

Virtual Classroom

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Course Overview

Private 5G Networks deliver the speed, latency and other benefits promised by 5G to support next-generation applications.

This business strategy masterclass will examine the new business opportunities as well as the long-term network management. It is designed for telcos, vendors and enterprises, responsible for business strategy, product & monetisation of 5G Private Networks within their companies. Identify the value chains and ecosystems that are required to stimulate the new business opportunities of 5G for campus networks. How to formulate a business plan for 5G Private Network for your organisation. The workshop is led by an expert trainer who will guide the attendees through the Masterclass topics and facilitate the discussion where the group can share their challeges and experiences.

Why choose this course?


The format will be consultative, allowing participants to contribute specific case studies or business challenges for debate amongst the group, led by the facilitator. 


This programme has been designed for: 

  • C-Suite, SVP, VP-level in organisations on the “sell” or “buy” sides of 5G Private Networks 
  • Product Managers at vendors and service providers with responsibility for their companies’ 5G Private Networks offerings 
  • Enterprise CTIOs needing to understand the potential – and the challenges - of 5G 


This half-day workshop will cover the following:

  • What is the role of 5G in Industry 4.0? Examining the current situation: LTE networks 
  • What can a Private 5G Network do for your business? The role of the telecoms operator in delivering and operating private networks 
  • Why now for Private 5G Networks?  
  • How will 5G and WiFi complement one another? 
  • Private network use cases Exercise: Identifying the verticals/segments where private networks offer the best opportunity
  • Understand the taxonomy and vocabulary of 5G Private Networks 
  • Private 5G spectrum strategy – licensed, unlicensed or shared 
  • Security of private networks: 5G security and spectrum 
  • How to execute - buy, build or partner?
  • Building the business case for 5G Private Networks – examining case studies in segments (incl. ports and manufacturing) 

Learning outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

At the end of the programme delegates will: 

  • Understand the pros and cons of 5G versus other technologies for Industry 4.0 (5G vs WiFi 6 vs TSN) 
  • Understand the taxonomy and vocabulary of 5G Private Networks  
  • Have a firm opinion about spectrum strategy? Licensed, unlicensed or shared/licensed e.g. CBRS 
  • Identify their criteria for deciding for “buy vs build vs partner” fulfilment strategies for 5G Private Networks, balancing flexibility, risk, complexity, time-to-deployment and maximising ROI. 
  • Define criteria for 5G Private Networks investment plan 
  • Define main principles for 5G Private Networks monetisation plan 

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Connectivity is a fundamental enabler to the digital transformation of organisations 
  • The advent of Industry 4.0 places ever-increasing demands on the enterprise network 
  • 5G is a foundational new technology whose implications need to be clearly understood by the C-Suite and by leadership executives across business functions 
  • 5G is on the cusp of widespread adoption – now is the time to decide! 
  • 5G business strategy: Long-term 5G private network management vs installation 
  • Understand better your investment