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4G/LTE Radio Planning and Optimisation


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This in-depth LTE Radio Planning programme significantly improves the participants’ understanding of the issues and techniques used to effectively plan an efficient and advanced 4G cellular network.

This assessed course is split into 3 comprehensive modules, each lasting 4 weeks, and incorporating extensive courseware, live tutor-led webinars, exercises, self-test assessments, and hands-on planning simulations using an industry-leading radio planning tool – Mentum Planet from InfoVista.

  • Module 1 looks at the LTE Air Interface, including an in-depth look at the OFDMA Physical Layer and the techniques that are used to maximise LTE radio performance and planning efficiency when compared to previous cellular technologies. Layer 2 and relevant procedures are also looked at.
  • Module 2 explores LTE radio planning techniques, including the planning process, propagation modelling, link budgets, antenna techniques, radio KPIs, coverage and capacity planning, and hands-on planning simulation using the software tool.
  • Module 3  looks at techniques and technologies that further improve the performance of LTE networks – radio network optimisation, mobility and interworking optimisation, LTE Advanced features, and LTE planning in a small cells / HetNets environment. This module also incorporates hands-on optimisation using the software tool.

Outcomes and Competency Development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Confidently and effectively plan an efficient 4G / LTE Radio network
  • Contribute much more effectively to radio planning and deployment debate and decisions-making within the organisation
  • Evaluate implementation options for deploying 4G / LTE radio networks – either in green-field scenarios, or as part of an existing multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology) system
  • Use to full advantage, the benefits and increased radio performance that 4G / LTE brings to the cellular operator in various scenarios – e.g. different spectrum allocations, terrain characteristics, user densities and profiles, deployment options, operating modes,  and indoor/outdoor situations
  • Develop radio network solutions in a more holistic way – using the in-built flexibility of the 4G network to design efficient multi-RAT and Het-Net solutions
  • A solid foundation in the advanced (and in the main, optional) radio features of LTE Advanced, and how they can, and should, be used to maximise efficiency and overall Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Improved confidence to use advanced radio-planning tools in order to maximise efficiency in the radio planning process
  • Above all, make decisions on technology implementation and procurement that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy and goals of the wider organization



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