BIG – Course Contents

BIG – Course Contents

Maximising Success

  • Creating a culture of creative thinking, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Defining Innovation and Understanding its Scope and Impact in the Modern Business World and in Society
  • Driving  innovation in the workplace, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders through systemic behaviour change and process optimisation.
  • Developing environments that maximise Innovation
  • Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Innovation
  • Working Positively with the Laws of Probability
  • Analysing the Impact of Disruption on the Business Environment
  • Customer-Centricity in Dynamic Environments
  • Working Effectively with Ideas – Our Own and Others

Aligning Innovation, Business Environment  and Strategy

  • Business Analysis – Identifying the next big thing
  • Innovation in the Business Model
  • Understanding Value Chains and Ecosystems – and Making them Work for You
  • Identifying and Developing Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Modelling and Analysis
  • Working with Risk, Success and Failure in a Positive Environment
  • Partnering for Value Creation
  • Building a model of innovation that can be implemented practically at all levels.
  • Developing and aligning KPIs for Strategic Success

Maximising Value with Innovation – Financial Analysis

  • Understand why analytical thinking should be linked to numbers, measurable and return on investment
  • How to develop Key Performance Measurements that drive innovation and change in an organization
  • Critical Value and Cost Analysis of Opportunities
  • Monetizing Ideas
  • Evaluating Return on Investment
  • Maximising Value Creation
  • Developing Financial Processes that Allow and Encourage Innovation
  • Developing Financial KPIs that are focused on ROI, Value Creation and Sustainability
  • Design of smart metrics to measure innovation in the organization and using dashboards to drive innovation.

Realising and Enabling the Potential of People

  • Driving Innovation through Dynamic Leadership
  • Evaluating Business Culture
  • Aligning the Organisation to Maximise Value Creation
  • How to Extend Beyond the Existing Organisation in Order to Drive Innovation
  • Understanding Creativity and Entrepreneurship in our People – and Enabling / Encouraging them to Create Value
  • Establishing Hi Performance Teams within the Existing Organisation
  • Breaking the Silos and Embedding an Innovative Culture at Every Level of the Organisation
  • Using Tools and supporting structure to Drive Success

Getting Things Done – Systems that Underpin Successful Innovative Practices

  • Taking Ideas From Concept to Reality
  • Managing Projects Holistically, Maintaining Innovative Thinking, and Maximising Value
  • Establishing Development and Delivery Processes that Consistently Deliver Value
  • Going to Market With a Complete and Sustainable Customer Proposition
  • Adapting to Competitive Pressures
  • Organic Realignment of Organisational Structure and Systems
  • Building sustainable structures for the successful communication of ideas in a corporate environment to create quick wins and deliver immediate results.