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Assessment Centre Solutions for Next Generation Communications Service Providers (CSP)


Assessment-Centre-200The telecoms market is one of burgeoning customer demand but slender profits, and telcos need to defend their core business and customer base in the face of pressure from traditional and disruptive players.

The Telco leaders of the future will require a new and diverse set of skills and aptitudes to deliver on this digital transformation as they break the ‘silo effect’ and roll out projects driven by central/group strategy and cross-group functions, whilst bridging the gap between customer-facing and technical functions.

Traditional interview-type recruiting leaves much to be desired and a  Next-Generation CSP Assessment Centre can assist in recruiting candidates, restructuring the organisation, and promoting and developing candidates with the ideal skills sets and aptitudes. This promotes business agility, faster development and response times, greater customer intimacy, and best practice for digital transformation.

Telco’s who deploy the Next-Generation CSP Assessment Centre technology to build their Digital Transformation Dream Team can expect to see a number of benefits, including:

  • Faster response time to competitors’ offers and reduced customer churn
  • Greater customer centricity, including more personalised proactive care
  • Reduced time-to-market and faster service and offer design and development
  • Leaner and more agile organisational structure and more effective network performance management and monetisation

Assessment Centre Concept

The Next-Generation CSP Assessment Centre is a method we use to assess candidates for recruitment, promotion or restructuring. Candidates undertake a series of tests designed to show assessors that they possess the personal and technical skills, aptitude and cultural fit for the role. Assessment Centres are used to supplement interviews and obtain information about the qualities of candidates, which more traditional methods do not so readily elicit. Exercises are carried out in the presence of trained observers who, through a continuing exchange of views, are able to build up a picture of each candidate’s social and intellectual skills, experience, and any strongly held attitudes, likes and dislikes.

Assessment centres can be delivered virtually, or be localised. They usually involve a combination of individual and group tasks. Some of these tasks are designed to mirror a potential role, whilst others focus more on the organisation’s desired competencies or the candidates’ behavioural characteristics or cultural fit. Potential assessment centre exercises include:

  • Case study exercises and group discussions
  • Ice-breaker exercises
  • Interviews
  • In-tray exercises
  • Presentations and role-plays
  • Psychometric tests

Benefits of the Next Generation CSP Assessment Centre

  • A well-managed assessment centre is one of the fairest, most accurate and objective ways to predict the likelihood of success in a role, much more so than paper qualifications or a panel interview alone. It improves retention, return on investment and strategy delivery in terms of time, focus, and monetary value
  • Testing can assist in recruiting, selecting or promoting applicants with the highest potential fit for job demands and the best possible cultural and behavioural fit for managing the challenges and opportunities associated with the competitive and rapidly evolving telecoms environment.
  • Assessment centres test not only what a person’s knows, but also what they can actually deliver and what they are motived to do.
  • The Next Generation CSP Assessment Centre will identify, develop and retain high performers that are able to identify innovate and monetise the biggest trends in the industry

Telecoms Academy’s Assessment Centre Service

Telecoms Academy offers a complete assessment centre design and delivery service, working with you to create an assessment centre that meets all your needs. Using the latest industry best practice and input from key stakeholders to find out about the role, context and desired culture of the organisation, we design a credible assessment centre that reflects the challenges and demands of your organisation so you can see how potential candidates perform in this environment. We can tailor exercises and assessments and customise these to your specific requirements.

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