Analysing BIG Data for New Revenue Streams Programme

Analysing BIG Data for New Revenue Streams Programme

Part 1: The Big Data evolution

  • Big Data definition and importance
  • Taking advantage of a strategic trend
  • Compete on Big Data leads to better financial performances

Part 2: Implement a Big Data culture

  • Developing Organizational Big Data culture
  • Approach to information, knowledge and discovery
  • Becoming a Big Data competitor
    • Value of data
    • Experimental Big Data projects
    • Management commitment toward Big Data
    • Big Data’s democratization process
    • Becoming a Big Data Aspirational organization
  • Four key components of an effective Big Data strategy
    • Formulate the right information strategy
    • Choose useful data sources
    • Realign current and implement new business processes
    • Evaluate the economic value of information

Exercise 1: Built an effective Big data business case

The aim of a Big data project is to leverage data usage in helping reach business tangible and intangible revenues objectives and costs control. To fully realize this, a step by step approach establishes Key Performance Indicators that lead to a profitable business case.

Part 3: Create better business processes

  • Value of data, information and knowledge
  • Big Data Value Proposition
  • Type of Big Data tools and methods

Part 4: Managing the Big Data culture

  • Implement the right Big Data structure
  • What makes a great Big Data professional?
  • Select the appropriate Big Data team members
  • Motivating and developing and up-skilling the Big Data team members
  • Evaluating the Big Data team

Exercise 2: Formulate a winning Big Data information strategy

An effective Big data Business case relies heavily on valuable information and insightful knowledge. By using a structured approach, this exercise shows how to generate a useful