School of Advanced Communications Technologies

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10 - 14 Dec
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5G Readiness Workshop Programme Contents

Day 1: The 5G and Connected Innovation Business Environment

  • The Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) Business Environment and Emerging Digital Ecosystems
  • 5G Business Models, and 5G Value Creation Capabilities (Trust, Experience, Service)
  • Key Success Factors
  • 5G Use Cases
    • Broadband Everywhere,
    • Broadband in Dense Areas
    • High User Mobility
    • Massive IoT
    • Extreme Real-Time Communications
    • Lifeline Communications
    • Ultra-Reliability Communications
    • Broadcast-Like Services
  • Key Industry Trends
  • Evaluating the Developing Support for Industry Sectors and Ecosystems
    • Smart Buildings,
    • Smart Cities,
    • Smart Transportation,
    • Smart Industry
    • Smart Workplace
  • Examples and Case Studies
  • Regulation Across Industries
  • Standardisation Initiatives
  • Standardisation Time Lines
  • Business Simulation – Assessing Requirements

Day 2 am: 5G Technologies and Technology trends

  • 5G Technologies and Technology Trends
  • Optimising Legacy Networks
  • Evolutionary Paths to 5G
  • Network Architecture Evolution
  • Infrastructure Layer,Business Enablement and APIs
  • Business Application Layer
  • 5G Radio Access Requirements and Options
    • Spectrum Requirements, including Regulatory
    • New Radio Waveforms – Managing Power and Interference
    • Leveraging Antenna Technologies, including Massive MIMO
    • Low-Power, Short-Range Communications for IoT Applications
  • Candidate and Developing Access Technologies
    • Radio Systems
    • Other Access Systems
  • Requirements in Support of the Usage Cases
    • User Experience Performance KPIs
    • Mapping of Technologies to Usage Cases
    • Supporting Systems and Service Orchestration
  • Supporting Technologies and Systems
    • Virtualisation and Cloud Concepts
    • Big Data Systems
    • Security, Trust and Data Protection
  • Working with Partners – Technology and Security Safeguards

DAY 2 pm: Financial Analysis

  • Financial Analysis and Performance in a Digital World
  • Evolving Financial KPIs
  • Financial Modelling
  • Evaluating Projects – NPV and More
  • Financial Operation in a Complex Ecosystem
  • Operating within Large-Scale Multi-Party Project
  • Optimising Investments
  • Maximising ROI
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

 Day 3: Positioning for the Digital Age

  • Transformation Within the Business – Maximising Success
    • People and Teams
    • Processes
    • Platforms
  • Innovation and Creativity – Maximising and Capturing Value
  • Culture  and Working Environment
    • Mind-set and Entrepreneurship
    • Agility and Speed of Response
    • Customer-Centricity
    • Partnering and Collaborating
    • Attitude to Risk  and Effective Evaluation
  • Developing Radical Performance Tools
  • Aligning KPIs and Performance with Strategy
  • Aligning KPIs Across Multiple Functions
  • Aligning KPIs Across Ecosystems
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

 Day 4: Developing the Customer and Value Proposition

  • Understanding Customer Requirements and Developing the Customer Proposition Framework
  • B2B – Using Big Data and Big Emotion effectively
  • B2B and B2B2C – Building Insights, Expertise and Credibility
  • Evolving Segmentation Customer Alignment Strategies
  • Developing Frameworks, Developing Solutions
  • Brand Evolution
  • Cross Sector and Cross Industry Brands
  • Ecosystem Positioning
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

Day 5: A Shared View & Best Practice

  • Best Practice – the Big Picture
  • Developing a Shared View of the Future
  • Case-Studies – Exploring 5G and Connected Innovation Initiatives Globally

Business Simulation – Bringing it All Together

Delegates work in their teams to pull their ideas into a coherent plan of action, whilst building a concise presentation. This allows them to develop clarity and to focus on evaluating the major business and technology impact  areas that 5G and Connected Innovation will bring to a range of industries – as well as how to evolve their own organisations in order to gain maximum value in the years ahead.

Teams will analyse gaps in strategy, positioning and   business plans; and critically evaluate best practice.

Business Simulation – Presentation & Feedback

An opportunity for the teams to demonstrate  how they can apply their knowledge; to illustrate a coherent plan; to test their ideas on a cohort of their peers;, to communicate with clarity, build confidence, and share a vision of the future. Feedback is provided and an action plan decided!

Note: Contents Subject to Update and Change